My top 3 highest leveraged business building activities

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When you get started in home business its very common to be confused about what activities you should focus on to produce the biggest return.

Especially when you have limited time to invest, it is CRUCIAL that you focus on the right activities. Most do not and its no wonder they struggle to get results.

It is also very common in the beginning to wear many hats. You attempt to be your own phone sales person, your own marketing manager, your own graphic designer, your own tech support specialist and your own accountant. This is what we call, “Jack of all trades syndrome” and its a recipe for burnout, frustration and ultimately failure.

I did this for years and the only reason I was able to stay in business as long as I did was because I was doing the high leveraged activities first, and the accounting, graphic design and tech stuff second. These days, now that I’ve smartened up and started acting like the CEO of my own business I focus the vast majority of my business building time on only the highest leveraged activities and outsource just about everything else.

After almost 7 years of experience in home business (nearly 6 of those years producing full-time results in the industry), I’ve identified my top 3 highest leveraged income producing activities.

Here they are (in no particular order)

#1 – Content creation

Jim Rohn said that the highest leveraged activity is TIME spent in front of your prospects. Publishing and distributing content is a highly leveraged way to spend time in front of your prospects as you can be in front of them while you are doing something else. Blog posts and videos are one of my favorite ways to provide value to my audience and position myself as a knowledgeable leader. Kind a like a sherpa guiding you up success mountain and helping you navigate the many traps and land mines that exist along the way 🙂

#2 – Ad Campaign Creation

Last year I created a Facebook ad that produced 25 leads a day for my business on complete autopilot for months on end. One guy who spent $5,000 with me in a single day told me he found me through that exact ad. I have created lots of ads on multiple different platforms over the years. Everything from Facebook paid ads to solo ads to pay per click ads and even newspaper print ads. Some, (like the one I just mentioned) have performed extremely well. Most did not perform at all. Successful marketers know that they have to create 10 different ads to find 1 or 2 that produce results. And once you have a winner you have to spend time scaling it and getting it in front of new audiences, often known as ad groups. Creating ads and expanding the reach of the ad through creating new ad groups is definitely one of my highest leveraged income producing activities.

#3 – Communicating with Outsourcers

Each week I make it a point to send at least 3 emails to my outsourcing team and most of the time its way more. These are people who I pay to do anything graphic design or tech related. As an online marketer I know that my “web presence” and how I am perceived online is going to directly affect my business and income. And when I went in search of ways to improve my web presence and my sales processes, my life became much easier and building  my business became WAY more fun! Your online business is a constant work in progress and can be a frustrating road in the beginning, but trust me, it is incredibly worth every ounce of struggle when you get to the other side! Check out my one stop shop for ALL my design and technical outsourcing needs at

Of course these are not my only leveraged activities. Some of my other activities that create a lot of leverage in my business include things like communicating with new and existing team members and creating training for my team. This is huge too because I know that if I can help my team members become more successful they will stay with me for a very long-time and buy more of the products and services I recommend to them. At least 50% of your income should be coming from existing customers but thats a blog post for another time 😉

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