My Top 10 Free And Super Low-Cost Marketing Resources

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Last week for Free Stuff Friday I did something very cool….

But of course I’m a little bias. Every Friday I do something cool for Free Stuff Friday. I’ve given away copywriting resources for doubling email open-rates and exploding sales conversions, videos on how to speed-rank youtube videos at the top of the search engines and even a free video camera. Make sure to connect with me on my facebook fan page if you want to get notified about the next time I give away some cool free stuff, which luckily for you is this coming Friday : )

Top-10So last Friday I did something pretty cool and unique, even for Free Stuff Friday standards. I hosted a live broadcast on a google hangout where instead of giving away one resource, I detailed my own top 10 list of free and super low cost marketing resources that have had the biggest impact on my own marketing and entrepreneurial success over these past 5 years.

At first I was going to only send the recording to my Free Stuff Friday email list and to people who had purchased one of my products as a thank you bonus, which I did! but I decided that this information is too good not to share with my entire audience and I want these resources to give you the same “leg-up” in business that they’ve given me.

Watch the replay of the Google Hangout from last Friday to discover my top 10 free and super low-cost marketing resources

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Enjoy the replay!

And remember, there are instructions on how you can access all of these exciting resources so they can have as much of an impact on your business and they’ve had on mine.

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