ATTENTION – Multiplying Sales Conversions (Part 1 of 3)

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In the world of home business you’re either influencing people into action or your losing money in your business…


If you fall into the latter category… This 3 part series will give you insights into HOW to increase sales conversions as well as increase the number of people taking other actions with you, like getting on your email list or following you in social media.


Welcome to part 1 of a 3 part blog series called – “Multiplying Sales Conversions”


Read this entire post and at the end I’ll show you how to sign up for the other 2 blogs in the series…


Contrary to what many broke marketers believe… A complete stranger isn’t going to join your business or buy your product just because you have one…


Glengarry Glen Ross LemmonIt seems that many people get into online marketing and think that since they are now able to connect with millions of people around the world that the rules of business somehow go out the window… Or they are brainwashed by their MLM company to think that their products are so good that they will sell themselves…  If thats where you’re at… its reality check time!


Are you still here?


Oh good, because I think we lost quite a few readers with that last paragraph…


Stay with me because this stuff is absolute gold for your business…


The most precious thing a prospect can give you is their attention. And Its only once you have their attention that you can move them through the sales process. Its the first step in influencing someone into action. Without attention you have nothing.


Another way of saying this is, DO NOT BE BORING!


Because in internet land your prospects have endless options for places to click and other things to give their attention too.. This means you’d better get their attention fast, and keep it, if you want to increase the number of people taking action with you…


A long-standing acronym for effective sales and marketing is AIDA.


imageA – Attention


I – Interest


D – Decision


A – Action


See how attention is the first one?


So it must be pretty important right?


Here are 3 ways to command attention with your prospects


These principles can be applied to many areas of your marketing… It works extremely well in social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and even on the phone.



Be Relevant 


imagesJoin the conversation thats already going on inside the mind of your prospect. This also means that you must know your prospect. Know their desires and their fears. Know what keeps them up at night. Don’t try to be an answer to someones prayers unless you know what they are praying for. People screw this up all the time in online home business. Know thy prospect and you can be more relevant to them with your marketing message and eventually influence them into action. Make sense?


EXAMPLE: My business partner and I recently launched a coaching program and we got a 22% back end up-sell conversion. So we got 22% of about 200 buyers to buy another product after they purchased the initial coaching program, which is a really good back-end conversion rate. The first thing we said in the up-sell video was, “WARNING, shutting down this window would be the biggest mistake you ever make in your business..”

…We did that because we know this… Our prospects are familiar with online sales funnels where upsells happen. We know that many of them are probably thinking, oh here comes the upsell.. well I’m not buying anything else so I should just shut this window down now. Do you see how we captured their attention by entering the conversation that was already going on in their mind?


Be Controversial 


Its impossible to have raving fans without also having raving enemy’s. So don’t be afraid to be a little controversial and state your opinions, even if it pisses some people off.. Any business where you deal with lots of people (so any profitable business), you are going to encounter people who don’t like you, or people who hate themselves and take it out on you. If you’ve never gotten an email or other kind of communication from an angry prospect who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, then you probably don’t do very much business. Be clear in your marketing about what you support, what you stand for and more importantly what you stand against.


EXAMPLE: I’m against marketers who use hype to sell smoke and mirrors online and make BS promises about how easy it is to make money online when you have their “thing.” Building businesses from the ground up is hard. Nothing worth having in life will ever come without a price and home business is certainly no exception. I believe that we should be more honest with people about the realities of home business… Even if that means sponsoring a few less people and selling a few less products. Do you agree?


Be Congruent 


glengarryglenrosstheleads_zps10600c30A guaranteed way to lose someones attention is by being incongruent. I see this all the time. I read promotional emails from people who talk about making money and creating freedom from home and then the link goes to a page promoting diet pills. This is an extreme example of incongruence.. Its usually way more subtle but you get the picture right? If you create some kind of ad with a benefit statement like, “Discover how to get 15 leads per day with video marketing. Click here now” That link better go to a page that talks about getting to 15 leads a day with video marketing. If it doesn’t, its incongruent and they are likely to click off the page without taking the action you wanted them to take. In short you lost their attention because your message is incongruent.


EXAMPLE: Recently I ran a solo ad that has produced about 160 leads for my mobile marketing business in the past 3 days.


Here’s the ad




Subject: $7,532 Per Month with ‘Mobile Marketing’?


Shocking Free Video Shows You How to Cash In On The ‘Mobile Revolution’ In 2014 And Get to $7,532 Per Month With Less Than 100 Customers.

Click Here ==>>




You see how the headline on the “capture page” is completely congruent with the ad itself?


Makes ad creation pretty easy right? All you have to do is make the benefit statement of the ad congruent with what they’re going to get on the page you send them to.. Doesn’t get much simpler than that right?


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