Multi Media Marketing – The Key to Big Results Online in 2014

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Gone are the days when you can send an email to 1,000 strangers online and get 100+ people to signup for your monthly membership program.


Stethoscope and emailYou know… It used to be that way. But today, unless you have a big brand and a loyal following… You’d be lucky to get 100 people even opening your email out of 1,000 subscribers. Let alone clicking through and buying.


Trust me when I say that the game has changed… Big time!


Does this mean we should stop making money online and all go get real jobs? Not in this lifetime! But we must adapt.


Here’s the key to effectively reaching and engaging your audience in todays world…


3 words… Multi-Media Marketing!


This simply means that rather than relying on just media, like email, we are utilizing multiple.


So we reach our prospects via email, if of course they have opted into our site and requested more information…


But rather than stopping there we also reach them with our marketing message via their Facebook news feed…. And other social media properties like Twitter and Google +.


So at this point we’ve reached our prospect via their email accounts and there social media profiles… Whats next?


Here’s where this multi media marketing thing gets really fun and effective…


Wait for it……. MOBILE. Thats right mobile baby!


trifectaWe reach them via their mobile phones and our marketing trifecta is complete.


So now we’ve reached the prospect with our message via their email.. Bam!


We’ve reached them via their Facebook newsfeed.. Bam Bam!


And we’ve reached them inside their mobile phone.. Bam Bam Bam!


Until they start seeing us everywhere…


This is how you get your marketing message to cut through all the noise on the internet…


This is how you stand out from the crowd and separate yourself from the masses.. <<== CRITICAL!


And this is the system I rely on to make it happen… 


Leave me a comment below if you agree with what I’m saying in this post… If you disagree go ahead and leave a comment too!


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