Multi Media Marketing – How To Rise Above the Noise and Drastically Increase Conversions

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Back in the day, (around 2008) when I got started in online marketing, email was still fairly new as a medium for following up with prospects and customers.


Because of this, if you were doing email marketing, you were kind of a big deal in the minds of most prospects. Especially in the world of home business and network marketing, an industry that seemed to be largely stuck in the 1990’s.


These days, things are a lot different. Most people, especially in the “make money from home” niche, are subscribed to multiple email lists and receive hundreds of “marketing emails” per day. It’s also not uncommon these days to have several email addresses and even some that are devoted entirely to opting-in to receive free offers.

Do you see how this is a major growing problem for online marketers as we move deeper and deeper into the 21st century?

Does this mean we should stop making money online and all go get real jobs? Not in this lifetime!


But we must adapt.


Here’s the key to effectively reaching and engaging your audience in todays world…

3 words… Multi-Media Marketing!

 Also known as Multi-Channel Marketing
This simply means that rather than relying on just one media, like email, to reach prospects and customers we are utilizing multiple.
So we reach our prospects via email, if of course they have opted into our site and requested more information…
But rather than stopping there we also reach them with our marketing message via their Facebook news feed….


So now they’re seeing us in their Facebook newsfeed…

And we’re showing up in their their Facebook newsfeed.. BAM BAM!


And then they are seeing our valuable and relevant content in their Twitter feed… BAM BAM BAM!


Until they start seeing us everywhere… And they can’t make a left turn on the internet (so to speak) without seeing our names, our smiling faces (hopefully) and of course our marketing message!


This is how you get your marketing message to cut through all the noise on the internet…


So what are some simple ways to implement very powerful and lucrative digital marketing concept?


Take action on at least one of these simple strategies TODAY!

#1 – Add a P.S. line to the end of the first email you send to your prospects when they join your email list


It would look something like this,




P.S. Make sure you also connect with me on social media as I provide a ton of great content for helping you become more effective in your business that you might otherwise miss. 


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Include whatever social media sites you are most active on. I.E. Instagram, Snapchat, etc.


You should also include links to your social media profiles in broadcast emails and content that you send to your email subscribers to give them multiple options for further connecting with you.


#2 You also want to make sure that you are making it very convenient and enticing for your social media audiences to get on your email list. You do this by giving away free, relevant tools and resources that provide value to them. If you are attempting to do social media marketing without doing this, you are missing the boat big time!


Getting them to join your email list bridges the gap between having them as a social media subscriber and having them as a serious prospect and potential customer.


But what if you don’t have anything of your own to give to them to get them onto your email list?


I strongly recommend using a powerful marketing system like this one, that provides you with relevant problem solving offers that you can give away to grow your own email list. This system also comes with tools for positioning you as the leader and authority that people want to follow and join in business along with cutting edge training for showing you how to grow your audience, your list and your business!


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