Moving from Survival to Contribution

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Everyone of us fits into one of these two categories.

You either operate from a position of survival or a position of contribution..

You cannot possibly be in contribution mode if you are living paycheck to paycheck, concerned with your own very survival.

I have recently successfully moved from survival mode into contribution mode. A couple years ago when I was struggling to survive, borrowing money from friends and family just to keep my financial head above water I could not possibly help others on a scalable level.

Think about it..

It requires a lot of energy to stay afloat when you are in survival mode. Anyone who has ever been in this situation knows exactly what I’m talking about. Thoughts of how you will keep your bank account from overdrawing are constantly swimming through your head. Knowing that the fees associated with doing so will make it that much harder to even get back to zero.

I’ve always wanted to contribute to others and to the greater good of humanity, but I couldn’t do it because I was consumed with my own survival.

Now that I’ve bridged the gap I contribute both time and money. I donate my time by volunteering at a local non-profit bookstore. It is fulfilling as the proceeds from the book sales go to fund local literacy outreach programs and I enjoy sharing my enjoyment of books on personal empowerment and entrepreneurship.  I believe it is important to contribute on both a local level as well as a global one.

Globally I contribute monetarily by donating to two different organizations focused around children in poverty, Save the Children and Children International. As my financial means increase, so will my financial contributions. Giving generously is also a great way to show the universe that you are ready for more!

My point is that I was never able to do this when I was consumed with my own survival the way I had been for most of my adult life. It was only possible when I changed my beliefs about money and what it could do for people that I began to attract more of it. The fact is that you can help a lot more people if you have money than if you don’t. A famous quote goes,

“It is very difficult to help the poor if you’re one of them”

I now believe that if you have the means to get rich, (which most of us do), you have a responsibility to do so and contribute to those who do not. In order to do this most of us have to change our beliefs about money and rich people and what having money can do for the greater good.

If you’re reading this post you have the means and the resources to get rich and it is your duty as a citizen of the world to do so. I promise that I will continue to contribute both with time and money increasingly as I continue to attract both. If you are still in survival mode start thinking of ways you can move into contribution and help the greater good. In doing so you will be amazed with the gifts that start to come your way.

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