“MLSP Wake Up Call” 10 Million Internet Millionaires by 2016

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Last week I hosted my first ever MLSP daily morning wake up call. This is a call that happens every Monday through Friday at 11am EST where one of the systems top producers shares insights and wisdom to assist others in building their businesses.

This is a call I’m on almost every day of the week and it must have rubbed off on me since I am now hosting the calls.. It is an absolute honor to be invited to host since MLSP as a marketing system and a community of entrepreneurs has helped me greatly in changing the quality of my own life over the past 2 years.

Click here to listen to my MLSP daily wake up call debut.

The message I shared on the call was truly a wake up call for me when I heard it on a training call over a year ago. It was about how the information age is changing the way we do business with each other and the way we communicate and how the people who learn internet marketing now will put themselves in a very profitable position in the future. I related it to the industrial age and how some of the wealthiest people in human history made their fortunes by noticing that the world is changing and took the appropriate action to profit from it.

I recently read that 10 million Internet millionaires will be created by 2016. Many of them will come from the home business, direct sales and network marketing industry. It is tough to see many people quit their businesses right before they start to see results and how people give up on learning online marketing because they don’t see “microwave results.” These “quitters” will sadly NOT be a part of that 10 million even though they could be if they applied themselves.

That was a big part of my motivation to deliver that message on the wake up call. To wake people up to start taking this stuff seriously and not give up at the first challenge that comes their way.

It is not necessarily easy but nothing worth doing ever is. And when you attack your challenges and face your fear you will come out on the other side a more empowered leader and successful entrepreneur in the information age.

Click here to access my 20 minute wake up call debut.

Adam Chandler

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