On stage at the “MLSP Live the Dream Event” Las Vegas – 2010

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The MLSP Live the dream event in Las Vegas was one of the best live marketing events I’ve attended in my career.

Sunday was the last day of the event and although I was a little hungover it was one of the most rewarding days in my nearly 3 year network marketing career.

The gentlemen you see on stage with me in this picture are the three co-founders of MyLeadSystemPRO. From left to right you see Todd Schlommer, Norbert Orlewicz, myself and Brian Fanale.

This was pretty huge for me for a couple different reasons. First the prize I won included helicopter skiing which has been a dream of mine since I was about 12 years old. I’ll be heading to British Columbia Canada in early 2011 to get air lifted to the top of a mountain to go snowboarding and its all payed for by MLSP!!

Second, two of these gentlemen Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz have been mentors of mine even before they knew who I was. They were two of the first top producers I met in the industry and I learned a great deal about marketing, personal development and leadership from their examples.

It was an absolute honor to be recognized for my own leadership by these guys and be called up on stage twice at the MLSP live the dream event. Norbert is an experienced snowboarder as well, so even though some of my friends were disappointed that I will not be taking them Norbert graciously accepted my invitation.

You’d better believe I will be thanking god as I ride the helicopter to the top of that mountain to live one of my lifelong dreams with one of my mentors in business and in life. Stay tuned to my blog posts for pictures and videos from my heli ski trip and as well as insights and wisdom from a budding young entrepreneur who is starting to “figure it out,” and make a big splash in the industry of my choosing.

This is going to be a fun winter..


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