MLSP Live the Dream DVD – Re-Live The Best Live Marketing Event of 2010!

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live the dream dvdThe marketers that took the stage at the MLSP live the dream event were nothing short of the best marketers, both online and offline in the entire network marketing industry.

Todd Falcone opened up the event and gave some invaluable insights on prospecting and recruiting professional into your business. Falcone, a 20 year veteran of the industry also shared some amazing insights on prosperity consciousness and how he was able to go from a broke surfer in Southern California to a multi-millionaire and one of the most well known network marketers, speaker and trainers in the industry. (The day before he took the stage I spent the majority of the afternoon with him, Ray Higdon, Ferney and Ray,  and some other industry heavyweights poolside at the venetian, it was sick!)

Some of my other favorite speakers from the event included, Daegan Smith, Jerry Clark, our very own Tracey Walker and Nicole Cooper, David Wood, and Brian and Norbert (the creators of MLSP). These are all 6 and 7-figure network marketers some of who have build their business mostly online and some who have built mostly offline. It was a great mixture of “old school” and “new school,” and the event attendees were blown away by the amount of value and training provided..

MLSP Live The Dream DVDOk so here’s what this has to do with you and the “right here and now.”

MLSP has just released a DVD box set so you now have the opportunity to learn from these powerhouse marketers even if you missed the event. Even if you don’t purchase this box set you can access a 49 minute video and access some incredible golden nuggets of marketing and team building information that can absolutely take your business to the next level.

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This video was from my experience on DAY 1 of the MLSP live the dream event. This was an event that I personally will never forget.. Not just because I had a chance to drive Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s with internet millionaires and a few days later received an award on stage for my results with the system, but because of the connections I made and the amazing marketing and team building information I received! Click here to learn more about my experiences at the MLSP live the dream event.

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