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mlm prospecting systemsTo build a  thriving network marketing business personal production and prospecting is absolutely vital. You’ll want to find MLM prospecting systems that work for you. This post will discuss the importance of systems to both the long and short term success of your business and give a couple options that may work for you.

Why MLM Prospecting Systems Are Important

In the world of affiliate marketing, you get paid a commission for each product or service you can sell, but in network marketing you can make money from selling product, and also earn rewards from the sales of your team or downline.

So it isn’t difficult to see why recruiting in MLM is so vital – you earn income from your own sales, and revenue from those below you. If you can personally produce about a hundred bucks worth of sales monthly, obviously this type of income is not going to change your life The secret is to have a giant team who, between all of them sell thousands of dollars worth of your products each month. When you pull this off you are in effect leveraging these people’s time to your finance advantage.

It’s a very simple concept. The more people you have on your team or in your downline, the more cash you can make. The cool thing about the network marketing model is that you are leveraging other people’s time and effort. You benefit financially from having a large team, so obviously your time is used more sensibly sponsoring and hiring people rather than selling products.

MLM Prospecting Systems Outlined

If you’re serious about building a lucrative MLM business that will continue to pay you dividends independent of your efforts, you need to get comfortable with spending at least 80% of the time you spend building your business actually sponsoring and recruiting. Follow this link to learn how my friend Ray sponsored 200 reps into his ($500) MLM and within 7 months was making over $50K per month. 

The big money will come from the leveraged efforts of everyone on your team taking consistent action and producing consistent results.

So what does an MLM prospecting system do exactly?

It is simply a way of marketing your opportunity to others who may have an interest in learning more. You gather the names and contact information of these people through various methods and through your prospecting efforts collect a yes or no answer. And that’s it. That’s how network marketing recruiting works.

There is no right or wrong way to build your MLM business and honestly, the best way is the one that works for you. Some marketers have built massive teams through online marketing. Others have done it purely through phone prospecting and others have done it 100% through home meetings.

Many run advertisements through print media and online marketing platforms like facebook and google. These can be incredibly effective because, with the right websites and mlm recruiting systems you can filter out the “tire kickers” and keep only the serious prospects. This can save you countless hours and a great deal of frustration because you are only dealing with serious prospects.

Don’t listen other marketers when they tell you to they have the “best marketing strategy.” The best strategy is the one that works for you and it is going to be different on each individual basis.

You may also employ a number of different MLM prospecting systems or strategies, again getting comfortable with this is crucial.

Do you know a lot of people? Are you good at presenting to a crowd? 

Do you like picking up the telephone and speaking to people who have expressed an interest in starting their own network marketing business? If so you can enjoy going through leads and talking on the telephone, you may even be one of the rare people who actually enjoy cold calling!

If you detest doing this, like most people, then you will quickly begin to procrastinate and eventually stop prospecting. What happens then? You stop making money and you kill what momentum you may have built up to that point

Perhaps you’d be most comfortable letting a web site do the initial heavy lifting. There are several online mlm prospecting systems you can use to generate a powerful stream of leads, qualify those leads automatically, produce a nice stream of income regardless if they join your business or not, and literally grow your business on autopilot.

Learn to generate 150 free leads a week, sponsor more reps and generate income off of your prospects weather they join your business or not

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