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WARNING: This post is full of real-life examples of home business owners who transitioned, very quickly, from no results – to life-altering, mind-blowing, tell your wife to go quit her job and start shopping for a new car, results.


In a hurry? Discover how they did it right here!


mlm coachingBut in no way is this guaranteed income for your business. Even when you have a revolutionary MLM coaching program and system to follow, as well as step-by step training and an atmosphere full of support and accountability – your results are still very much up to you!


Thats the warning!


Do you want real freedom in your life? Are you ready to handle the real responsibility that comes as part of that freedom?


Because with great freedom ALWAYS comes great responsibility!


Some people who seek mlm coaching and guidance are really looking for someone else to blame when they fail. Obviously, those people never get results no matter how hands on and supportive the system is. Instead they get exactly what they wanted all along – validation that it wouldn’t work.


So I’m asking  you… do you accept that the fact that your results in business and life are no ones responsibility but your own?


Yes? Congratulations… That is an important realization that 100% of successful people understand. And 100% of unsuccessful people completely fail to recognize.


So you have accepted responsibility for your results and you are excited to invest in your business in order to fast-track your success…




Now that that distinction has been made we can get down to the nitty gritty nuts and bolts of creating life altering business breakthroughs for you…


CeoPic_White_Just like Marquell Russell. A high-school drop out who decided to take responsibility for his results in life after his son was born. Marquell followed our 100 day MLM coaching program and became the #1 recruiter in his network marketing company as a result. He also created a training video detailing exactly how he uses Facebook to recruit 2-3 reps per week into his company like clockwork. We added that training, as a bonus for anyone when they take action and buy the 100 day biz builder challenge coaching program.



What about Bert Bledsoe from Colorado Springs Colorado? At the beginning of this year he was brand new in his first business. By plugging into 1000326_707977352561718_331901228_nthe very same network marketing coaching program, he was able to recruit up to 12 new reps in a single week and he has turned himself into an internet marketing pseudo-celebrity. When we asked Bert how long he thought it would take him to get those results if he didn’t have a 100 day game plan to follow and he said, “probably a year.”


But that is what a real effective home business coaching program does. It condenses time. It makes it possible for you to create a full year’s worth of business growth in 100 days.


Patricia Sweeny is another great example. She had never done home based business before. She had been a successful brick and mortar business owner but had never done anything in the world of marketing and home based business. Patricia was able to create her first 10K month in her home business by following the 100 day mlm coaching blueprint. We asked Patricia where she thought she would be in her business by now if she hadn’t gone through the program.


This was Patricia’s reply, “I know myself well enough to know that if it wasn’t for the assignments and accountability of the 100 day challenge I would have probably gotten frustrated and quit my business before I started seeing results.” 


And the last success story I’m going to share comes from one of the coaching program’s newest members. Stephanie Wein is a single mom who had struggled to recruit people into her business. She was persistent and smart enough to know that if she wanted faster results she would have to invest in her business and get coaching from people who had done it before her. She decided not to start the actual 100 day network marketing coaching program until after she had taken care of some personal stuff in her life, but she did watch Marquell’s Facebook training video and started taking action. Within her first 4 days of following the training she had recruited one new rep and two new customers into her business. 


The one thing that these and many many other marketers have in common is that they followed the same MLM coaching program, the 100 day biz builder challenge, where for the first time ever, they had an actual game plan to follow as well as some much needed guidance, support and accountability to help them condense time and get exceptional results.


The same blueprint is now available to you, but you must take action here, right now.


Adam Chandler


adam chandler





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