MLM Business Plan – New MLM Business Plan And A Tool For Instant Laser Targeted Connections

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Here are a few simple steps to formulate an effective MLM business plan to get results with your business in both the short-term (GPT, get paid today) and the long-term (because residual traffic leads and sales = Freedom!)


MLM Business PlanNEWSFLASH: You don’t need more courses on how to get traffic & leads for your business. If you’re like most network marketers you already have marketing systems to capture leads and training courses for recruiting them. What you need is a better plan!

Actually scratch that. I hate the word “need.” Its such a week word – and as human beings we only need water, oxygen food and the occasional……. (let your mind fill in the blank).  What you do REQUIRE, if you want to build a more stable, profitable business, is a solid MLM business plan for results in both the short-term and the long term.


Your New MLM Business Plan


Step 1 – Identify your goals for your business


Goal setting is certainly not the sexiest topic in the world. Its not nearly as sexy as FREE TRAFFIC or ENDLESS MLM LEADS or any of the other “buzz phrases” and hyped up marketing promises that we see all over the home business industry. But ask any successful person and they’ll tell you that you must set goals simply because, “if you don’t know where you’re going, how do you expect to get there?”


Failing-to-plan-is-planning-to-failAction StepPut pen to paper! What leadership level or income level do you want to be at in your business in the next 12 months? 6 months? 90 days? How much business would you like to drum up in the next 30 days?  *Then reverse engineer your goals. If your 30 day goal is to recruit 10 new reps you will probably have to EXPOSE at least 50 new people to your opportunity. This equates to exposing 10-12 new reps per week or 2-3 per day for 5 days a week. There are many many ways to accomplish this with social media, online leads, cold prospecting, warm prospecting, etc. 


Now you could go out and spend thousands of dollars on courses to learn how to build your business with facebook, SEO, blogging, video, prospecting etc. and get totally overwhelmed and frustrated, like most do….


……..Or you could discover a one stop shop for all your traffic and lead generation, prospecting training, supportive community and accountability program, all rolled into one convenient intensive coaching course called the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge.


Step 2 – Identify Your Marketing Strategies and Execute!


new-mlm-business-planIf you want results today AND tomorrow, you must be focusing on both passive (long-term) and active (short term) marketing strategies. Focusing entirely on Facebook networking will get you sign ups today, but it won’t produce any passive leads tomorrow. On the flip side of that, focusing entirely on blogging or video marketing will EVENTUALLY lead to passive traffic, leads and sales but it WON’T put any money in your pocket today!


Students will often ask the question, what marketing strategy will bring me the best results? 


Asking the wrong questions will always bring about the wrong answer…..


The right question would be, what strategies should I focus on, based on my specific goals, as well as my personality, time and monetary budget? 


Here’s an example I like to use to illustrate this point.


Lets say a medical doctor wants to build his network marketing business online. We will call him Paul. More likely than not, Paul probably has some very severe time restrictions in his business and probably an above average income and available marketing budget.


Then there’s Jim, who recently lost his corporate job. He has limited resources in the form of marketing dollars but he has all day to build his business using his phone and laptop.


Obviously the strategies that Paul and Jim should focus on will be very different.


Paul should invest in a pay per click (PPC) course or learn some form of paid marketing strategy to leverage his marketing dollars. This Woman Basically wrote the book on Facebook PPC for our industry. Which would be a great place to start for Paul and because he has a bigger marketing budget, much less time is usually required to get results. With the right marketing course and a willingness to take action Paul can start to see traffic leads and sales start rolling in, even if he only devotes 10 hours per week into his business.


Jim is a different story. Since he has more time to devote and less marketing dollars, he should focus on a combination of content marketing in the form of video or blogging, as well as social media. If he works 5 hours per day, 4 hours of that time (80%) should be spent creating content, while the other 20 percent should be spent growing a social media audience either with Facebook, twitter, Google Plus or all of the above. He should also make it a point to engage with his audience. He does this by liking, commenting or sharing their posts, as well as reaching out to some of them individually and taking a genuine interest in their lives and businesses.


This will provide Jim with an attentive audience who not only looks forward to his content, but is more likely to like, share and comment because they want to return the favor and help him. This is known as the rule of reciprocity and it is a major driving factor of psychological persuasion and influence.


Step 3 – Start Tracking (and Sharing) Your Results!


Here’s a fun rule adopted by many successful people. “Results measured expand. Results measured and shared expand exponentially.”


We have members of our 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge who reported a huge spike in their recruiting when they started tracking their activity. One challenger realized that he was focusing entirely on passive (long term) strategies and not at all on active (short term) strategies. Once he realized this he started to balance his activities with some short term strategies and started recruiting like crazy into his business.


The point here is not simply that you REQUIRE a balance of passive and active marketing strategies, but that you often don’t really know what you REQUIRE unless you start tracking your results!


The Marketing for Free MLM Business Plan 


facebook graph searchHere’s a simple strategy to get more people exposed to your mlm business opportunity.


For network marketers, Facebook graph search is like a sniper rifle. Yet its totally underutilized by most.


Lets say you’re in a business with products that relate to personal development. The more people see you as someone who is, “like them” the more willing they will be to do business with you.


Lets say riding motorcycles is one of your passions and you like to ride Harley’s.


With Facebook Graph Search you can tell Facebook to find people who follow Tony Robbins and who also like Harley Davidson. You can even take it a step further and specify that they live in your specific city or state.


It is downright easy to connect with people when you have this level of commonality with them.


We would accomplish this simply by going to the search bar in Facebook and putting in the following phrase.


“Friends of my friends who follow Tony Robbins who like Harley Davidson who live in Denver, Colorado.”


Start playing with Facebook Graph Search and start reaching out to 10 new people per day. Ask questions. Be interested in them!


Then when the time is right, ask if they are open to taking a look at either your mlm business opportunity or marketing solution.


We teach this strategy extensively in the 100 day biz builder challenge and many of our students are following the formula to recruit 2-3 new reps per week in just an hour or two a day on Facebook. In fact, one of our 5 bonus videos teaches this strategy for finding and recruiting quality prospects directly from Facebook.  One guy used the exact strategy to recruit over 80 reps during the 100 day coaching program.


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