Mindset Before Marketing | Building a strong Foundation

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When I started in my business the biggest mistake I made was trying to skip the personal development I was told was a vital aspect to my success.

I thought that if I had products to sell and I learned how to sell and market them online that was all I needed to be profitable and successful. However, the results i saw in my first first 4 months painted a very different picture. In fact, it was not until I began to work on myself and adopted this mindset training that I started to see real results in my business.

And it was no ones fault except my own. Even though at the time I put blame on other people like the top producers in my business and the people who enrolled me in the first place. 

Digging into mindset training first and foremost taught me to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my past present and future. This is something most people avoid because it makes them take a serious look at themselves in the mirror and often do not like what they see. It is absolutely vital that you take full responsibility for all of your failure as well as all your success. 

I highly recommend a book called, “The Attractor Factor” by one of my favorite authors and marketing experts, Dr. Joe Vitale. Joe has been featured in “The Secret” and has authored over 17 books on spiritual marketing and attracting your deepest desires. Dr. Vitale also mentions in this book how he was living as a homeless person for nearly 15 years. Now a multi millionaires and a very celebrated marketer and spiritual healer Joe teaches others how to make major changes in their lives. I guarantee he did not go from homeless to multi millionaire by blaming outside people and circumstances for the failures in his life.

Another recourse i will recommend on the topic of mindset came very highly recommended to me by one of my mentors. It’s a book called “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind,” by T Harv Eker. This book is about how what we modeled our beliefs around money as children and how that is determining our financial “blueprints” as adults. It also lays out specific action steps in reprogramming our minds for success and wealth.

The following “8 Pillars of Success” were taught to me last night by a very successful online marketer in my business.

1.) Get Connected with Your WHY – Know your future

2.) Work harder on yourself than you do on your business

3.) Surround yourself with top producers

4.) Never leave money on the table

5.) Decide to become a master marketer

6.) Be a great student – Your skills determine your value and your income

7.) Form the Massive Action Habbit

8.) Plan your attack and attack your plan

These “Pillars of Success” should act as your foundation for your business.

If you do not have the proper foundation in place, all the marketing training and recourses in the world will do you very little good.

However, when you get the mindset department right getting traffic, leads, sales and profit in your business becomes EASY

As T Harv Eker would say, “your inner world creates your outer world.” Get clear with yourself and what you want out of your business and your life and the rest will fall into place.

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