[June 8th, 9th 2012] Elevate your Business at the Mile High MLM Mastermind

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Saturday June 8th and 9th 2012 MLSP Sponsors L4 Master Leader Adam Chandler and L4 Master Leader Jordan Schultz’s Mile High MLM Mastermind Featuring L4 Master Leader and Industry Heavyweight Diane Hochman!

June 2012 Mile High MLM Mastermind

Denver, Colorado – You are invited to elevate your business in the mile high city for Adam Chandler and Jordan Schultz’s first ever public mastermind event. The boys invited the illustrious industry powerhouse Diane Hochman to share her 13 years of MLM expertise to the dynamic duo’s already value packed event!

What is the Mile High MLM Mastermind?

The Mile High MLM Mastermind is an exclusive event put together by Adam Chandler & Jordan Schultz to give you a look behind the curtain at what it really takes to build a home-based business in the 21st century while still living the lifestyle of your dreams.

With an intimate limit of only 60 attendees, you will be sure to get the attention and focus you require from your trainers to truly cause a quantum shift in your business.

Who’s speaking at the Mile High MLM Mastermind?

Diane Hochman is a 13 year industry veteran who has pretty much seen and done it all in her home business.

Her magical marketing methods have caused her to catapult to the top of the game and become a top recruiter and top affiliate in pretty much everything she touches!

What’s crazy is that before Diane cracked the Attraction Marketing Code she was mopping floors in a supermarket to make ends meet.

During the weekend you will get to step inside Diane’s crazy marketing world where she will show you amazing ways to brand yourself and attract a crowd without spending a dime. It’s all in your positioning, understanding what a pecking order is and using social media to CAUSE people to notice you!

In her workshop Diane will show you:

-> How to use pictures to completely change the way people perceive you

-> How to trigger people’s “Nosy Gene” and cause people to SPY on you and all your marketing campaigns

-> How to use video to attract more free leads than you can handle

-> How to get all the “big boys” to NOTICE you and want to dump their brains into yours

-> How to build a list the EASY way

-> And how to work that list in a way that causes your prospects to THROW credit cards at you.

Ray Higdon has called Diane one of the most influential women in marketing today.

Daegan Smith has said…she never seems to be selling anything while she is selling EVERYTHING!

Diane has graced the stage at both the No Excuses Summit and Live the Dream II and now she is coming to the Mile High MLM Mastermind in Colorado to share her secrets behind closed doors.

You will never look at your business the same again after sitting in front of Diane…the dumpy housewife turned marketing maven!

Adam Chandler started his entrepreneurial journey just over 4 years ago and in that time period claims to have transitioned from an “internet marketer” to a network marketer (who uses the interent). A distinction that has allowed him to go from earning 19K in 2009 to his first 6-figure year in 2011.

Adam is currently the #5 all-time producer inside of MLSP, an online training and lead generation system designed by and for network marketers. He recently reached the 100K mark with the MLSP affiliate program and was asked to speak at his network marketing companies national training event in Sacramento.

Adam decided to finally take control of his financial future after he realized he would be unable to attend one of his best friends weddings in 2008.

“I could not afford the plane ticket let alone the hotel room and I decided that I would never again allow my lack of money to dictate my choices in life.”

That decision was made just months after getting laid off from 2 corporate advertising positions in a 6 month time period, a scary situation at the time that Adam later recalled as the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Adam prides himself on being easily duplicated and having a unique ability to simplify information that others make complicated.

At the Mile High MLM Mastermind Adam will share insights on:

-> 7 ways to use video to generate high quality leads, explode conversions and build profitable relationships.

-> His 4 step video formula that resulted in a single 90 second youtube video that earned him over $30,000 (and counting) in affiliate commissions!

-> His simple landing page video “tweaks” that tripled his conversions virtually overnight.

-> 23 Productivity tips for the “deadly serious” online network marketer (get twice the results in literally half the time).

-> How to create a daily routine that gets you on the “fast track” to passive income while respecting your current personal responsibilities….

…. and much, much more!

Adam’s vision for you, as an attendee of the Mile High MLM Mastermind event is that you come away from it empowered with a crystal clear action plan and a rock solid routine that will allow you to skyrocket your results, your team and your residual check in the near and distant future!

Jordan Schultz is a 3 1⁄2 year internet network marketing strategist who has quickly risen to the top of both MLSP and his primary company through following some very simple attraction marketing strategies.

His charismatic approach to marketing and presenting himself has certainly attracted the attention of a lot of industry veterans who get excited just to be around him.

It’s exciting to know that less than 2 years ago Jordan was still slaving away in a mildly hot kitchen and living in his dad’s basement because he couldn’t afford to live on his own, and he’s living it up in beautiful sunny northern Colorado enjoying all that nature has to offer!

At the “Mile High MLM Mastermind” Jordan will be teaching you

-> How to create a solid brand using your blog and social media to make

people fall in love with you and be excited to spend money with you…

-> How to get 7-figure earners to tell their audience about you and how

awesome you are in the next 3-6 months, even if you’re brand new…

-> How to live your life while building your business and making people want to do what you do because you’re just having so much dang fun!

Up until now Jordan has only shared his marketing expertise via the internet and in very exclusive mastermind circles around the world, and is going to be sharing the best of the best of his strategies on stage at the Mile High MLM Mastermind in Colorado.

When you walk out of this event you will know what it takes to become a marketing ROCKSTAR online in 2012 and beyond.

You’ll also learn…

Prospecting and Recruiting Strategies to Expose and Close High Quality Prospects

Recruiting and Team Building Insights from Diane, Adam and Jordan

Attraction Marketing Simplified – How To Attract Loyal Followers, Team Members and Die-Hard Fans


When is the Mile High MLM Mastermind??

June 8th: 6pm-9pm Meet and Greet with Food and Drinks

June 9th: 8am – 8pm Training

June 10th: Exclusive Presidential Suite Mastermind with Diane, Adam, and Jordan


Where is the Mile High MLM Mastermind??

Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center

7800 East Tufts Avenue

Denver Colorado 80237


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