Mile High Mastermind Interview with Adam Chandler – By Uli Rabeiro

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4cb6c1d3-d220-43d8-bc26-d661b2ad9941Uli was one of the attendees of the Mile High Mastermind live event I hosted recently in Denver, Colorado… Immediately following the event, Uli, myself and a few other VIP’s embarked on the “Colorado Experience,” A 5.5 hour train trip into the Rocky Mountains, with an overnight stay in historic Colorado mountain town, Glenwood Springs. We relaxed in the natural hot springs that the mountain town is famous for and enjoyed its other amenities before heading back to Denver for a truly unique Colorado Experience.

The following is a post created by Uli including his video interview with me on the train.


Great weekend of masterminding and “training”, no pun intended, with some of the best marketers in the business up in the Colorado Mountains. I had a chance to spend some high quality time with some smart folks in some cool places.

I have no words to express the importance of getting around people who are doing what you want to do and are living the way you want to be living. It is, without a doubt, what gets you to the next level in life and in your business.

Watch this exclusive one on one interview with six figure earner and Mile High Mastermind founder Adam Chandler as we make our way through the Colorado wilderness on a tour train from Glenwood Springs, Colorado to Denver.

I had some important questions to ask Adam, so we sat down and recorded some video for you guys.

Question one:
Out of all of the opportunities available to an entrepreneur in this day and age, why did you decide that internet marketing and digital direct sales was the business vehicle you wanted to pursue?

Question 2:
You talk a lot about mindset, education, productivity, and automation in your trainings.
Out of those four, which one of these do you think has had the most impact in your business and why?

Question 3:
If you had one piece of advice to leave with our listeners and viewers who are “On the fence” about taking the leap to become a digital entrepreneur, what would it be?
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