Mental Conditioning Part 3 – Could This Be the Cure For Procrastination?

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Welcome to part 3 of this 3 part blogging series on mental conditioning.


Read all the way down to the end of this post to get links for part 1 and 2. Part one detailed how to mentally condition your prospects to buy right now. And part two was about how to condition your team members  to commit to the business over the long haul and therefor strengthening your team, and skyrocketing your residual cheek.


In part three i’m going to share how to mentally condition yourself!


Doing this will help to put you in a state of action, rather than procrastination.


Do you ever experience procrastination?…. That comfortably uncomfortable limbo state that we find ourself in when we want to avoid the unknown?


In part one we talked about effort conditioning. And using contrast to flip a switch in the minds of your prospect and get them to take immediate action.


ObamaHere’s how to use effort conditioning to defeat overwhelm & procrastination within yourself


Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by a daunting task, like going from zero to 100 people in your network marketing team, or creating a new product, or writing a book, or whatever….Whenever you feel yourself procrastinating or avoiding getting started because you feel overwhelmed… Stop and ponder things that other people have accomplished and achieved in the past that are OUTRAGEOUSLY bigger than the task you have to perform.


There are several examples throughout history. If you want some examples check out this post I wrote called, “5 Human Undertakings WAY Harder Than Becoming Successful in a Home Based Business in the 21st Century”


Here’s an example I can extract from my own life…


My grandfather was an entrepreneur. He started a scrap metal business after returning home from World War Two.


He struggled every day to keep his business business going to feed my grandmother and his growing family. Eventually they had 10 children to provide for, including my mother.


One day while working in his scrap yard a propane tank exploded near where he was working.


He had to roll around in a nearby mud puddle to put out the flames on his back and he quickly discovered that the puddle was filled with broken glass….


…..And you thought you had problems in your business?


Do you see how, when I stop and think about the amazing challenges and adversity that he and other entrepreneurs had to overcome throughout the 20th century – that my problems seem minuscule, even pathetic by comparison?


Now let me ask you a question….


Did your parents, grandparents or ancestors have to overcome challenges and adversity in life? 


And by thinking about the challenges that these great men and women had to overcome, does it really seem like that big a deal that you have to deal with some people telling you no to your business opportunity?


Does the task of having to discipline yourself to take daily actions to move your business forward – even when you don’t feel like it – seem nearly as difficult when you compare it to your ancestor’s marching on Selma, or fighting for women’s rights, or providing for a large family in the depths of extreme poverty?


We can use these stories to inspire us to take bigger actions that will lead to bigger results and make our pathetic first-world problems seem tiny, even non-existent by comparison.


Man up – stop facing your challenges like a little baby and a scardie-cat and start building your life and dreams with the DO-OR-DIE entrepreneurial spirit that built the world as we know it!


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Like I said at the top of the post, here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 of this series….


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