Mental Conditioning Part 2 – How to Condition Your Team Members for Long-Term Success

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In my last post, mental conditioning part 1,  I discussed price conditioning and effort conditioning your prospects so they perceive signing up with you or buying  your product or service as the “no brainer” move of the century.


In this post I’m going to share how to condition your new team members so that they stick around long enough to see results and grow your team along with your residual check.


When someone is brand new in network marketing they are like a little kid with a hand gun.


They have just enough information to be dangerous.


If they go out and start telling the world how their new business is the greatest thing since sliced bread and they start telling their friends how stupid they are for not joining right now, they are going to get shot down HARD. It will be a tough blow to their confidence.


And often that excitement will be quickly replaced by other, not so positive emotions.


If you want to destroy your new team members chances of success, give them the opportunity and then tell them “good luck” and send them on their way. This will virtually guarantee their failure.


Now there’s no way for you to guarantee anyone’s success. But if you want to give your new recruits the highest chance of success it is important to condition them for whats to come by inoculating them.


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Here’s how to mentally condition your new team members by Inoculating them for whats to come


Hopefully you or your upline have some kind of “fast start training” to get your new team members into action mode quickly.


One of the best ways to guarantee your new team members stick around is to get a check in their hands as quickly as possible. (I recently started working with one of the top network marketing trainers in the industry and we have one of the best step by step team training sites I’ve ever seen. If you want to give yourself and your new team members an unfair advantage, visit this page and submit an application to work with me and our marketing dream team)


Once your new team member completes their fast start training you want to inoculate them.


I first learned about this concept from a very well known author and trainer in the industry named Tim Sales.


Tim said that before he got started in network marketing he was working for the military as an underwater bomb defuser. I’m sure he would probably laugh when anyone said that network marketing is hard, especially since he had one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs on the planet.


When Tim’s original sponsor in the industry was trying to recruit him, Tim said that before he got started he wanted to know about the worst things that would happen as result of building the business. He wasn’t asking about how much money he could make or how awesome the compensation plan was, he wanted to know all the potential bad situations he would face in the field. 


The sponsor told him there are 4 things.


#1 Rejection – People are going to say “No.” Its a reality that we all have to deal with in the industry. Don’t take it personally.


#2 Deception – People are going to tell you one thing and do something totally different.  Have you ever had a prospect tell you they were going to sign up on Friday at 4pm and then Friday rolls around and it seems like they’ve dropped off the face of the earth? Because if you haven’t experienced this and you want to become ultra-successful in the industry, guess what, its coming!)


#3 Attrition – People are going to quit. Its inevitable. Don’t let it bother you when they do. It just was’t their time. Its totally OK. The worst thing you could do is take it personally.


#4 Ridicule – Friends, family members and/or other people in your life who you care about will ridicule you. They will talk behind your back for your decision to go out on your own and leave the safety and security of “the herd.”  They will refer to your opportunity a “scam” or a “pyramid scheme.”

They will make snide remarks like, “hows your little home business thing going.” Always remember this is never about you. They are doing this because of their own insecurities. And because your decision to leave “the herd” reminds them of how cowardly they are and that they do not have the balls to take even small risks with their own life.


Wow that was a tangent!… You can tell I’ve dealt with #4 in my own life right?


Okay lets get back on track here….
So do you think that after hearing about the “worst possible things” that could happen as a result of building a network marketing business Tim ran in the other direction?


Of course not!


Compared to a being an underwater bomb defuser, building a network marketing business must have looked like a walk in the park.


So if you share these things with your team members before they experience them for themselves, it will not take them out of the game the way it will if they experience them without warning. 


Instead, when a prospect says he’s going to sign up on Friday at 4:00 and doesn’t, the new team member pats himself on the back and perceives the experience as one more stepping stone on his path to success.


You see how sharing the “worst possible scenario” with your new team members is a way to condition them for whats to come? We call this inoculating your team because an inoculation is introducing a small dose of something – as a way to boost immunity.


Don’t try and shield your team members from these situations out of fear that it will scare them out of the business. These situations are inevitable if they, or you, want to have long term success in network marketing.


Condition your new team members for whats to come by sharing not only the good, but the bad and the ugly too. They will respect you more as a leader if you do and you will go on to build a more stable, successful, bullet proof team and large residual check in the process.


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