Mental Conditioning Part 1 – How to Condition Your Prospects So They Buy Right Now

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mindcontIs this mind control?


Not really, but it IS an effective way to persuade prospects into buying NOW rather than later.


And better yet, making them think that it was their idea all along…


Pretty cool right?


Here are 2 ways….


#1 Price Conditioning


One of the coolest marketing and sales conversion concepts I ever learned was the idea of price conditioning


Price conditioning is simply mentioning the cost of similar yet higher priced products or services to the one that you are offering.


Doing this makes your ‘thing’ looks  less expensive by comparison. In fact, as it relates to sales and marketing the idea of “conditioning” is all about comparison.


Let me explain….


Here’s an example of how I might use price conditioning to make more sales.


If I’m making a sales video where I’m selling a coaching package for $500 I’m going to mention similar coaching packages that cost $2,000 before I tell them what mine costs. The best way to do this is to reference specific stories of personal friends who have paid up to $2,000 for private coaching. Of course, I would only mention this if it were the truth, which it is, as this is a real example from my business.


Another way I may use price conditioning is if I’m speaking with a prospect after he’s seen my business opportunity presentation…


Lets say he tells me what he likes about it but then he says that a few hundred dollars is too much for him to get started right now.


I may then say something like, “I know how you feel, when I started in my first network marketing business I was really broke but I was also deeply determined to change my life so I borrow the $1,500 I needed to get started.” If you don’t have a story like this, feel free to use this one. You would simply say something like……  “I know what you mean, I know a guy who was really too broke to get into a business…. Get it?


I may then ask him if he’s really serious abut changing his life…. If he says no then the conversation is over with a quickness. If the desire is not there, its a lost cause.


But if he says yes, I may ask him if he’s serious enough to come up with the money in the next 48 hours?


See how that works!


For him, the few hundred dollars becomes less of a big deal after I mention my story having to come up with $1,500!


And the moment your prospect perceives joining your deal or buying your product as “not that big a deal” the sale is made!


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great_wall_china_photo_gov-1#2 Effort Conditioning


Here’s how you effort condition your prospects to increase sales conversions.


Whenever someone is looking at joining any new business venture the question that is the most present in their minds is, can I really do this?


Again, as soon as they perceive joining you as “no-biggie,” the sale will happen.


So lets say Jon looks at my online presentation for my business. He says that he likes it but then when he gets to the join now page he starts himming and hawing and making excuses as to why he can’t commit “right now.”


You could say something like, “You know Jon its not like we’re curing cancer here. We’re simply signing people up into the fastest growing industry in America, its not that big a deal.”


Jon then realizes that its not that big a deal, (especially in comparison to something like, “curing cancer”) and he gets off the fence and you have a new team member!


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