What Top Producers Are Doing Right Now To Ensure Massive Profits and Rapid Business Growth in 2013

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2011 was very much a breakthrough year for me and my business. Not only did I create my first ever 6-figure year but I traveled more than any other year prior to it and I gained a new confidence in myself and my ability to make what I previously considered impossible, possible.


What I later realized is that a major key to that business growth is not what I did in 2011 but what I did at the end of 2010 that made all the difference. 


In this post I’m going to share 3 things that you can and should be doing now, in December to set yourself up for massive profits and rapid business growth in the new year.


#1) Reflect back on 2012 and write it out in your journal. Don’t have a journal? Get one! Stop reading this and go buy a journal right now! Okay later today works as well ; ) The act of emptying your brian on paper is a practice of some of the most successful people in the world. Not only is it therapeutic but it can do wonders for the growth of your business.  So here are some questions to ask yourself and write out in your journal. What did you accomplish in 2012? Don’t sell yourself short here. Maybe you generated your first lead online or maybe you got your first distributor in your business…. Be proud of those things as you probably had to get out of your comfort zone to accomplish them. What were some of your top ahha moments in your business this past year? What previous assumptions did you have about building a business that you learned were completely false? What answers or value could you provide someone who is coming in the business or industry today as a brand newbie?


#2) Get clear on your top 3 business related goals for the new year. I go deep into this practice and give insights into how successful entrepreneurs reach their goals in the first video of my all new 3 part free video training series. Click here now and opt in on this page to access that video and more free trainings on how to set yourself up for quantum business growth in the new year.


Here are some rules for goal setting


  • Put dates on all your goals. Without a date, its not even a goal. Its a “someday” dream and it will probably never happen.
  • Be honest and be as specific as possible. If you are vague you will have a very difficult time hitting your goal so be specific.
  • Create goals that really get you juiced up. Something that you can get really excited about moving towards.
  • Create a goal thats big enough it stretches you and gets you out of your comfort zone but not so big that it seems impossible because that will lead you to procrastinate.

Rules for Goal Achievement and Goal Getting


  • What will you do to celebrate once you accomplish your goal? Will you take your spouse to dinner? Take your kids to Disney? Get a clear image of what that looks like so it will drive you towards accomplishing your goal.
  • Write out your goal in statement form. Read it out loud twice per day at the beginning and the end of every day. Put your statement somewhere where you’ll see it and constantly be reminded that that is what your intention is. I give an example of a how to write your goal in statement form in the first video of my new 3 part video training series which you can access right here

#3) Create a solid plan for achieving your goals. You’ve probably heard it before. Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you want to get better results in 2013 than you did in 2012 creating a solid plan is imperative.  So what does a 6-figure marketing plan look like? Well first it should be simple. And it should lead you to results in both the short term and the long term. Meaning it should incorporate both active marketing (phone prospecting, communicating with your prospects via social media and communicating with your email list), and passive marketing, (blogging, video marketing, creating paid advertising campaigns and anything else you can create where an unnamed prospect will see it and take some kind of action with you like opting into your website and becoming a lead). We go deep into this topic in my new 3 part video training series as well.


2013 will make or break many businesses and if you want to desire for it to be your breakthrough year the way 2011 was for me I want to give you a solid plan to do just that. A way to really stack the deck in your favor and give yourself an “unfair advantage” over the masses who unfortunately will not get any different results because they will continue approaching building their business in the same tired played out way.


Don’t leave your success in this upcoming new year to chance!


Click here right now and opt-in on this page to access my all new 3 part video training series on how to make 2013 your most successful, profitable and fulfilling year of your entire life. You’ll discover exactly what I was doing in December of 2010 to set myself up for my first ever 6-figure year in 2011 and how you can do the same.

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