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marketing and sales training“If you are spending time with people who are not ready to buy from you, you have a marketing problem.” – Dan Kennedy

Congratulations for being a part of the highest paid profession in the world! Professionals in the world of sales and marketing earn more money than many doctors, lawyers, entertainers and professional athletes. It’s not an easy road to travel but this marketing and sales training will assist you at owning this craft and developing the skills that pay the bills in 2011 and beyond. This information will also point to other resources in the world of marketing and sales training.

Marketing and Sales Training – Network Marketing and Direct Sales

Network marketing and direct sales is different than most other marketing and sales training in that the approach must be different. Professional “closers” that come from other sales professions often struggle in the network marketing industry because hard closing tactics that worked in the business to business sales world DO NOT WORK IN THIS MEDIUM. Visit this link to learn 25 top secret marketing methods used by a 7-figure marketer in the network marketing industry.

Aside from that the people you recruit into the business need to be able to do what you do. They may not have the professional sales skills that you’ve developed over the last decade and in network marketing it does not matter what works. It only matters what you can duplicate.

These days automation and technology plays a huge part in building a network marketing organization. Now I’m not saying that you have to understand advanced HTML programming or be a SEO master. Simply having a video presentation to send people to makes the days of driving to someones house to do a one on one presentation a thing of the past. And why would I do a one on one presentation to someone who may or may not sign up into my business when I can present online in front of 30 people and get 5 of them to sign up? Leverage is key in any marketing and sales training.

Earlier, I mentioned duplication being vital to the success of your network marketing or direct selling business. It is easy to simply call someone on the phone and ask them if they are open to viewing a presentation about earning income outside of what they currently do. Much more so than trying to “sell” them over the phone. If you have the right business you should have some solid 3rd party tools that do the selling for you. You become more of a professional inviter than a professional sales person. After they’ve reviewed the information you do a follow up call with them and ask them what they liked about what they saw. If they have questions you cannot answer, get them on the phone with someone in your up-line organization who has had results with the business and they can answer the questions. This also sends a message to the prospect that, “I don’t have to be an expert, I just have to know the experts.”

Marketing sales tips – Get over yourself!

People always want to know whats in it for them. Leave your ego on the table and stop talking about yourself and your products or your opportunity. What are the benefits to the prospect? How can your products/services/business opportunity help them to get something in their life that they were not getting before. Also, don’t make the rookie mistake of thinking that your products/services/business opportunity is right for everyone. Its your job to ask a series of questions to find out this person is in the market for what it is that your selling. Find a need and fill it. Don’t waste time trying to convince someone who has expressed little to no interest in what you have to offer.

Sales and marketing tips – Use sales funnels to the sorting and selling for you

The last thing you want is to waste your time with people who are not in the market for your products, services, etc. A very successful marketer by the name of Dan Kennedy said, “If you are spending time with people who are not ready to buy from you, you have a marketing problem.” You can use online sales funnels to attract the right type of person and weed out the wrong type of person. If you have effective funnels in place you want to eventually get to the point where you are spending time with buyers ONLY! People who have purchased a small ticket product from you. It is ten times easier to sell more products to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer so use that knowledge to your advantage in the market place. Many rookies make the mistake of thinking that when a sale is made that is where the relationship between the buyer and the seller ends. Actually, if you want to be very successful in marketing and sales training that is where the relationship should really begin.

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