Mark Hoverson’s “Quantum Leap” Formula and the $50K Info-Marketing Blueprint

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No Excuses SummitAfter following Mark Hoverson for a couple years now, seeing him on stage several times, purchasing his products and basically hanging on his every word, I came to a powerful conclusion. Mark Hoverson is god!… Just kidding.

But in the world of internet marketing, network marketing, information marketing and straight-up entrepreneurial leadership, there are few others that can teach you how to create major breakthroughs in your business like Mr. Mark Hoverson.

In this video I show you how Mark taught me to have a quantum leap in my business and how you can do the same if you have an open mind.

WARNING: This is the exact strategy Mark used to go from making $250K a year working 7 days a week to making over $500K per year working 4 days a week in just 12 months.

Pay close attention, take notes and open your mind because this is entrepreneurial GOLD!

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So as the video explained and as you know from being a student of the industry like me, Mark has recently teamed up with the guys over at Magnetic sponsoring to create the brand new “irresistible info-marketing blueprint.”

My business partner, Jordan Schultz and I recently created our very first internet marketing product called “Tribal Syndication Domination.”

We launched it through MyLeadSystemPRO and over a ten day period we did over $50,000 in sales.

How did we do this?

Well, it came from being students of the industry and students of marketing FIRST!

We could not have had such a successful launch if we had not invested both time and money into our own education, purchasing products like the info marketing blueprint over the past couple of years.

So how do you have a $50,000 product launch in your business in just 10 days?

Invest in your education, increase your value, commit to your success and BUY MARK HOVERSON’S IRRESISTIBLE INFO-MARKETING BLUEPRINT NOW!!

Adam Chandler

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