Making the Initial Contact – How to Expose More People to Your MLM Business

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The network marketing model is a business of exposures. You want to make a lot of money in your business? Simply expose a lot of people. If you want to make some money, expose some people. How much money will you make in your business if you expose zero people? Thats right… Zero moneys.

One of the first things I learned when I entered the network marketing world is that, in the beginning, you can make up in numbers what you lack in skills. 

The following video is a presentation I gave last week in Sacramento California for my network marketing companies national training event. The training is very specific to my company, the Numis Network, however you will learn prospecting and recruiting insights that you can use to improve your skills in any MLM business. Learn how to effectively expose more people to your business and get scripts for making the initial contact with friends, business acquaintances, cold leads and much more! 

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