[Live Tonight] List Building and the Formula for 25 Leads a Day

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Back in May of 2008 when I found the network marketing profession, almost exactly 5 years ago, I was screaming for change in my life.


I had just lost 2 newspaper advertising jobs, one due to corporate downsizing, the other just shut their doors due to bad timing and poor management.


But I was actually looking at yet another advertising job when I saw a little business opportunity ad on craigslist.


I was very skeptical but I also didn’t really have much to lose and at the same time I was totally intrigued and sucked in by the marketing.


The next thing I knew I was borrowing about $1,500 to start my first online business….


A business where we purchased an online marketing and lead generation system, attached to a top tier network marketing company with products ranging from $2,000 to $20,0000.


My sponsor in that company was getting about 60 leads a day from his craigslist strategy.


So that was my first big advantage in the industry.


Rather than being told to build a list of my family and friends and pitch the business to a bunch of people who never even expressed an interest in making money from home, I was taught to learn internet marketing and online lead generation from day 1!


And I was working directly with a guy who actually knew how to generate leads online.


A luxury that is rare in the network marketing industry in 2013.


Imagine how rare that must have been in 2008?


Now I wish I could say it was super easy but it certainly wasn’t.


I tried to follow the craigslist strategy that my sponsor used to recruit me but it was way too technical for me at the time.


He was a pretty analytical guy so he was really into the tech side of things and I was a tech-moron.


Even to this day I am extremely tech challenged.


So there goes the idea that you a have to be some nerdy-techie type to make money online.




….You don’t!


For me the solution came from discovering this marketing system that was teaching social media and web 2.0, AKA free marketing strategies, that did not require a ton of technical skills.


When I learned how effective the strategy was was when i called one of my leads….


After introducing myself she said,


“oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you right now, I feel like I already know you!”


Imagine having that kind of instant rapport with your prospects?


In the world of sales and marketing that, my friend, is what we call a lay down sale! 


It was easy to close her and get her to sign up because she perceived me  as a leader and an authority because of the was I positioned myself and my marketing.


List building is easy when you  understand a few simple principles that I’m going to teach you on my live training tonight.


I’m going to share exactly how I generated my first 10,000 leads for my business online as well as what I am doing right now to get daily, high quality leads in April of 2013.


Now I’ve recently hosted training series’s that members have paid up to $1,500 to be a part of.


I’ve also charged $100 per hour for one on one coaching and I’ve had several serious marketers hapily pay it.


You can do things like that when you have the results and experience that I do.


After all, I’ve paid literally tens of  thousands of dollars to learn what I know, by buying marketing systems and info products, attending events and paying for personal coaching.


Thats why its an absolute joke what I’m charging to attend tonights game changing list building and lead generation training.


You can access the live broadcast tonight and have access to the replay once i’ve recorded it…


….for just $10.


Click here to lock in your spot right now


Now this is actually the first ever paid, single webinar that I’ve ever hosted.


I will be doing more of these in the future and probably charging $20, $30, even $50 to test out the different price points.


There is no doubt tonights training is worth 10 times the measly price tag of $10.


Remember not only did I invest tens of thousands of dollars to learn this stuff myself, but I also spent countless hours of my own trial and error to learn what works and what does not work.


Because no matter what you do there is always a cost.


Cheaping-out on your business and not investing in your education has a price as well and that price is often time and a great deal of frustration trying to figure it all out on your own.


So you could either cheap-out and not invest in your business and education and cross your fingers hoping that some big producer magically falls into your business and creates a residual income for you…


Or you can do what a true entrepreneur would do, and pull out your wallet and make the small investment to  learn how to leverage your time and generate high quality leads for your business online.


Take action now if you feel that investing $10 in your business makes more sense than crossing your fingers.


See you tonight!


-Adam Chandler


“helping entrepreneurs up success mountain since 2008”


P.S. Watch this video now to discover the secret weapon that allowed me to start getting leads, sign ups and making daily commissions on autopilot. 


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