7 “Bad Ass” Live the Dream 2 Bonuses for Deadly Serious Entrepreneurs

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live the dream 2 bonusesThe “Live the Dream” marketing event  in October of 2010 was the most informative, empowering and FUN marketing event I’ve attended in my entire 3 year career – Adam Chandler

Bottom line..  Attending Live the Dream II in Disney World in October will make you a better marketer, a better leader and a better entrepreneur. You get that… You understand that in order to get better at marketing and entrepreneurship you must get around people who are better at marketing and entrepreneurship than you, period.

These 7 bonuses will be delivered ONLY to people who purchase LTD tickets through this link.

NOTE: The first 3 bonuses are for a limited number of event ticket buyers who take immediate action.

Bonus #1 – FOR THE FIRST 3 VIP Buyers ONLY! A private dinner at the event with Jordan and myself. Spend some private time with top producers Jordan Schultz and Adam Chandler

Bonus #2 For the first 5 VIP buyers only – two 30 minute coaching session with Jordan Schultz – Co-creator of Tribal Syndication Domination, L4 leader and master marketer inside of MLSP.

Bonus #3 For the first 5 VIP buyers only – two 30 minute coaching sessions with Adam Chandler, Co-creator of Tribal Syndication Domination, 5 time award winning marketer, L4 leader and master marketer inside of MLSP, Top one percent income earner in his network marketing company and #10 all time producers In MLSP.

Bonus #4 – Immediate access to an Exclusive in person interview with Tim Erway at his house in Melbourne, Florida. Watch as Jordan and Adam grill the CEO and co-creator of Magnetic Sponsoring and learn how Tim went from being an “annoying” network marketer (his words) to becoming one of the most successful and well known online leaders in the network marketing industry

Bonus #5 – “The MLSP Creators Bonus” How much could you learn about becoming a successful online network marketer from the co-creators of the largest attraction marketing system in the world? Get immediate access to TWO webinars where we interview Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz separately, two gentlemen who were each generating tens of thousands of dollars per month in personal income and 50 to 100 leads a day before coming together to create MLSP.

Bonus #6 “The Prospecting and team building bonus” This is where the rubber meets the road in your business. This resource contains two videos. One where Jordan lays out his best and most effective prospecting tips, the other where Adam lays out his recruiting and team building secrets that allowed him to build the fastest growing team in the entire state of Colorado in his network marketing company as well as an audio training where you can listen to Adam call his leads live.

Bonus #7 “The best of the best bonus” – Access the top 5 recorded “team success” training webinars we’ve done over the past 8 months. These include trainings on facebook pay per click, content marketing, social media optimization, mindset development and much more!

These bonuses are only accessible for people who purchase tickets via this live the dream II link.  If you are unsure of weather you should even go to live the dream II visit this link to learn more about MLSP Live the dream and how it can help move your business forward in the coming months and years.

Adam Chandler

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