Live Dials, Scripts and Other Cool Recruiting Resources

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So I use to do a lot of training on phone prospecting and recruiting….

Although I still use the phone to call my buyers and my applicants and sometimes even my online leads, I haven’t done much training on the topic in a while….

Which is why I’ve been promoting my friend Terry who is actively training on this vital subject – Get Terry’s Free 5 step blueprint to get more prospects to say yes to joining your team

And since this post is about phone conversions I thought It would be fun to share one of my old “Live Dial Sessions” videos… Click play and watch the video below to watch me call and prospect my leads in front of a group of home business owners via a live google hangout

So like I said, I haven’t actively taught on this subject in a couple years, but phone prospecting and recruiting is one of those universal income earning strategies that never changes or goes out of style…

If you really want to get better at this million dollar skill for network marketers and entrepreneurs take a look at some of Terry’s free resources….

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Get Terry’s 5 step blueprint to get more prospects to say yes to joining your team

Enjoy and talk soon

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