Lightyear Wireless Review – Are You Kidding?

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Is lighyear wireless a scam? This detailed lightyear wireless review will shed some light on the company, (and yes that pun was intended), the products (lightyear wireless phones) and the opportunity. If you’re reading this article you probably have questions regarding Lightyear Wireless. Is Lightyear Wireless a scam? No.. Let me explain.

WARNING! lightyear wireless is a legitimate business with great services, stellar leadership and a generous compensation plan.. But without understanding 21st century marketing, any Lightyear Wireless distributor is toast in this competetive, dynamic industry.

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Lightyear Wireless is headquartered in Louisville, KY and representatives are able to sell Lightyear Wireless phones and wireless plans via Sprint and Verizon. Lightyear Wireless is a reseller of wireless services and does not have the capability to operate a mobile telephone service.

lightyear wireless reviewStart-up costs for Lightyear Wireless are relatively low and representatives can get started for as little as $49.99 or upgrade to a “Gold” package at $299 which includes a wide variety of marketing materials.

Why lightyear wireless phones are great:

Wireless service is a necessity. According to CTIA (International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry), 91% of Americans use cell phones. Talk about a BIG market and cell phones users are always looking for ways to cut down on costs. That’s where Lightyear comes in.

Lightyear Wireless offers FREE cell phone service upon referrals.  That’s quite an incentive; I know many people would love to make their cell phone bill disappear.  Lightyear Wireless is based on reducing costs for consumers through reputable wireless service providers. Familiarity of existing services at a lower price is a great advantage to consumers and representatives.

Lightyear Wireless provides a limited product selection (16 phones), which may be a drawback to some consumers. However, Lightyear Wireless offers a variety of services including high-speed internet, business telecom, conference calling, satellite TV, home security systems and more. This variety of services is a great advantage as you can target diverse markets.

Lightyear Wireless has exceptional support services and leadership. Is Lightyear wireless a scam? NO. Lightyear Wireless has a proven track record of success in the MLM industry and provides representatives with quality/valuable products, effective leadership consistent support, and can be started with very little money.

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