Life is Too Short For A Full Time Job!

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life is too short for a full time jobLife is too short to do anything you don’t want to do for any extended period of time! It pains me to see people working at jobs they don’t enjoy and cling to, “job-security” simply for “benefits” like health insurance and a pension plan. You know you can purchase health insurance for a couple hundred bucks a month, right? Its not worth doing something you hate for 40 hours a week. I believe life is too short for a full-time job and I’m so glad I’ve met people who feel the same way and have encouraged me to pursue my dreams of owning my freedom and NOT working for the rest of my life.

This past weekend I attended a company event in Las Vegas. It was crazy fun and I learned a lot, but I’m glad to be back in reality.. There is really only so much of Las Vegas I can handle at one time. The event is what I would refer to as a game changer. Some of the people I met there, I can already tell, will be friends who will have a positive impact on my life for years to come.

One of these people goes by the name of Dave Lovett. This guy has an incredible story and he shared it from stage at the event. Dave got started in a direct sales company in 1983. He stopped building that business in 1988 and has been earning a healthy five figures a month for the past 22 years. Just to make sure you did not miss that I will repeat it. Dave stopped building that business in 1988 and has been earning a minimum of ten thousand dollars a month EVER SINCE!! How would you like that to be your story? Are you already in the industry? Learn how to build your network marketing business by visiting my post on direct sales training.

Check out my video interview with Dave Lovett from the event in Las Vegas

My new friend Dave Lovett has inspired me to play a bigger game in my own life and help wake other people up to the options they really do have in life. Life is too short to have a full time job or spend time doing anything you don’t enjoy.

As Dave says, network marketing is, “The best kept secret in the world.” Will you help me spread the word about this amazing industry and help me wake people up to the options they have?

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