Legitimate Online Businesses | How to find one thats right for you

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Legitimate online businessesLegitimate Online Businesses

Legitimate online businesses are actually quite plentiful on the internet contrary to what most believe. Sure there are a few scams out there but through a little research and trusting your gut you can find a leveraged legitimate online business thats right for you. And the online business that’s right for you might not be right for your neighbor or someone else depending on your current situation of available time and other resources like money.

The important thing to understand is that business of any kind take a commitment of both time and money. The internet certainly opens doors for leveraged profit systems that you can take advantage of for a few hundred dollars rather than in the offline world where a franchise may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just like the franchise model or the “brick and mortar” business or anything in life for that matter you get out of it what you put into it. If you take it seriously and learn from successful people who have come before you you can dramatically reduce your learning curve and find profit much faster.

Finding the Legitimate Internet businesses

Finding the legitimate internet businesses comes down to doing research, trusting your gut instinct and finding a leader or someone who has had success with that type of business model. There are many internet business owners who have been wildly successful with affiliate marketing, network marketing, even selling stuff in their attic on Ebay or Craigslist. I’ve personally had results with both affiliate marketing and network marketing. Some of the top network marketing companies provide excellent levels of training and guidance and provide a leveraged business model that combines both upfront and residual passive income. Read my post about online business systems.  This business model is certainly not right for everyone but it is one of the most leveraged business models you will find when searching for legitimate online businesses.  Affiliate marketing is another newer business model misunderstood by the masses. People still look at me like I have two heads when I tell them what I do. Is it so hard to believe that I move other peoples products for them and take 40 to sometimes even 60 percent of the sale? That is all affiliate marketing really is.

I love selling affiliate products in the online marketing world because you are leveraging websites created by very successful marketers who understand marketing and psychology better than you do. You don’t have to go through the pain of creating your own site and hoping it is good enough to where someone might actually buy something. You simply handle the marketing, drive the traffic and collect a paycheck when you make a sale.

Affiliate marketing is only one example of legitimate online business but you need to find the right affiliate program for you. The same goes for network marketing. legitimate internet businesses are plentiful in the network marketing industry. You’ll want to find the program and possibly more importantly, the leader who can show you how to do it the right way for maximum results.

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The best internet marketing companies

Some of the best internet marketing companies have excellent training programs that show you how to become a savvy internet well rounded marketer.  They teach skills on how to get websites ranked in the search engines; How to do pay per click advertising on sites like google, facebook and bing; They teach social media marketing and how to build large followings through social media. These are just some of the strategies and skill sets taught by some of the best internet marketing companies. They also have great training on topics such as copywriting, leadership and mindset. All areas where you will need to grow if you want to be a successful internet marketer.

Top Network Marketing Companies

Earlier in this post I mentioned network marketing as one area to consider when searching for legitimate online businesses. The term network marketing or multi level marketing brings up lots of different feelings and emotions in people. Maybe they know someone who had a bad experience with a company that went out of business or they went to one of those home meetings to learn about a “pyramid” in 1996. Network marketing is simply a distribution model where the consultant shares in the profits by taking part in the distribution of products. The “multi level” aspect means you get paid on the efforts of others in your organization. I personally would rather get paid 1% from the efforts of 100 people rather than 100% of my own. It is an extremely leveraged model and in most cases the income is entirely passive once you build it. There are some really bad companies in the network marketing industry and some really great ones as well. Some of the top network marketing companies offer excellent training, products and support to help its new distributors get started. Again you want to find a company and a leader that you resonate with and trust. Trust your gut, do your homework and don’t listen to the naysayers of the world who want to bring you down.

Due diligence, commitment and persistance is what will bring you results, period. There are no magic bullets that will make you a thriving success overnight. Remember that legitimate internet businesses are available to you if you keep your eyes open and trust your judgment. Learn from the leaders who have come before you and you can take part in the massive opportunities the online world has to offer.

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