Breaking News: My Legacy Mentoring Coaching Program Has Officially Re-Opened For A Limited Time

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This is going to be a humongo week and it has the potential to be a hugely profitable week for you too! The kind of week you look back on a few years down the road and say that was it!


….that was the week that made all the difference… when my results shifted and I started getting paid well for my time and energy that I’m putting out in my business…


When this shift finally happened for me it was when a mentor took me under his wing…


…..this person had attained the freedom, the lifestyle and the income level I so badly desired!


He became one of my first coaches in the home business world and showed me:


A. what I was doing wrong in my business
B. what I was doing right in my business
C. in what areas of my business I was just completely missing the ball entirely…


At the time not only was it a game changer – It was a godsend! 


Back when I joined my first network marketing business in 2008 I had no experience as an entrepreneur as well as….


zero marketing skills
zero credibility with my friends and family
zero online or technical skills
zero connections in the industry
zero success stories to fall back on

in fact…. zero success in anything to speak of, period.


The fact that I had no credibility with my friends and family made it nearly impossible to prospect them without getting blown off or even laughed at….


… So my warm market was completely out of the question.


My mentor showed me how to start generating high quality leads for my business online so I didn’t have to worry about getting doors slammed in my face by my friends and family…


He also helped me breakthrough and start seeing results which built my belief in the industry…. but more importantly it built my belief in myself and my own abilities to produce results!


After that I began actually sponsoring people into my business and making commissions on the regular!


….. Imagine waking up every morning to new lead notifications and new commission notifications hitting your email inbox multiple times – on autopilot?


Imagine being invited to speak on stage at your next company event because you are setting an awesome example for other distributors to follow? 


…. Imagine making more money in a day from your business than you used to make in a month at your job?


Imagine starting every January with a fully paid for vacation that you won for recruiting people and building your business?


All of these things have been my reality for the past few years as a network marketer and I want to give you the same advantages Ive had along the way… 


I’ve achieved these things all because one guy decided to give me a hand up in my business….


….. And thats what I’m offering to you right now….


by officially re-opening my “Legacy Mentoring” coaching program for network marketers….


But because “LM” does include personal one-on-one time with me I’m only accepting a limited number into the program and an application is mandatory to be considered for my personal time!

Its just a few brief questions for me to determine how committed you are to your own success and to see if you are ready for this high caliber coaching…. 



……. Take 5 minutes and fill out your application to be considered for Legacy Mentoring now!



On a future blog post I’ll be publishing a video with the specific details about the coaching program, all the bonuses and exactly how much you’ll have to invest in yourself to get involved… 


… I will say that this is by far the most cost-effective way to get my personal time and some killer never before seen bonuses

Your next step is….


Its a proven fact that coaching and mentoring from someone who has what you want is a short cut to fast, substantial results…. 


…. I have weekly conversations with my mentor because I want to learn how to take my business to the next level. 


This dude (my coach) is way more successful than me and I know that he has a mentor who is WAY more successful than he is… 


See how if your not getting coaching from people who are more successful than you that you really are missing out on a major shortcut to your success? 

Isn’t it time you stopped leaving something as important as your success in your business to chance? 


Isn’t it about time you started building a legacy? 


See you at the top!




P.S. if you have any questions about “Legacy Mentoring” message me up on facebook ; )

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