Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Helicopters, oh my!!

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I knew I took the early flight for a reason!!

Day one in Las Vegas for MLSP’s “live the dream” event and I was approached by Norbert Orlewicz (one of the co-founders of the system). 

Hey man, do you want to go to the race track and race Lamborghini’s?

Hmmm.. Let me think about that for about one millionth of a second.. HELL YES!!

I knew this was going to be an event to remember.

3 days later I was on stage being given an award for my leadership and production with MyLeadSystemPRO (the leading attraction marketing system on the internet) by all three founders of the company..

And if that weren’t enough later day I was given another award for a contest I had no idea I was even in the running for. I learned I took 4th place for event ticket sales and won a helicopter ski trip. This is  where instead of riding a lift up the mountain you are air lifted to the top of a mountain via helicopter in the backcountry.

Being air lifted to the top of a mountain via helicopter has literally been a dream of mine since I was about 12 years old. To some of you it may seem like an odd dream to have but some of you will totally “get it.”

My friends and I use to watch snowboarding videos with the pros doing it and I remember thinking someday that will be me.

Well this winter I will have the chance to experience it myself for free.

It will literally be a dream come true and I’m frecking psyched!

It really goes to show that with a little hard work and sacrifice we can literally fulfill our dreams and accomplish anything we want!

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