Lakefront Property or Hookers and Cocaine?

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In this blog post you will be asked to make a choice


The choice you will be making is would you rather have lake front  property or hookers and cocaine?


Its a metaphor about important decisions you will have to make in your business and life.


And the lesson i’m teaching here could save you thousands of dollars, countless wasted hours and perhaps more importantly, you’re reputation
as an entrepreneur.


Lee me explain…


I was chatting with my friend Ashley the other day about all the “here today gone tomorrow” marketing programs out there that promise the world.


Their ‘slick’ marketing tells you that they are the answer to all of your problems but they end up being nothing morethan smoke and mirrors and many of them won’t be around this time next year.


We compared those programs to hookers and cocaine..


They may make you feel good for a little while but in the end you are left with a bad hangover and a lot of regrets : )


So what’s the alternative?


The alternative is a beautiful pristine lake front property with a wrap around porch for entertaining friends while sipping refreshing lemonade, iced tea or maybe even some sweet merlot.


I’m talking lake front property on a few acres of land in the woods where you wake up at whatever time you want, fully rested to the sound of birds chirping.. (see below for a pic)


Sure beats the idea of trying to get to sleep after the sun comes up with your heart racing and having to take a shower to wash off the shame of the night before doesn’t it?


Here’s the problem though…


Hookers and cocaine are appealing in the short term so if your vision in your business doesn’t stretch beyond this month or this year you may have already been seduced by a ‘hookers and cocaine’ opportunity.


‘Lake front property’ opportunities require a bit more sacrifice, patience and developing a few more actual skills.


The good news is that the sacrifices you will make for the lake front property will be well worth it two years from now when you start every day by taking a refreshing dip in the lake or a ride on your brand new speed boat while the hookers and cocaine people are stuck in rush-hour traffic because surprise surprise their opportunity just got shut down by the FCC.


Not to mention the fact that the skills you developed will translate into a myriad of different opportunities and endeavors you will use to better the lives of others while setting yourself up for the long-term.


So we are talking right now you about making decisions in your business that are focused on the long-term and integrity (lake front property)


vs. short term decisions where you compromise the long-term… (hookers and cocaine)


You will have to make a choice which type of person and entrepreneur you are?


Are you a lake front property entrepreneur in it for the long-haul?


Or are you a hookers and cocaine entrepreneur focused only on the here and now jumping on every sexy looking money making bandwagon that comes your way?


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And remember you can either have this…










Or this..













The choice is yours ; )


Make it a great week and an even better year and i’ll talk with you soon..




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