Is the grass really greener?

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right?

It’s a statement you and I have heard over the years that implies things appearing better than they are from an outside perspective. 

But aren’t statements like that usually grounded in truth? 

Maybe the grass actually is greener and we should adapt and constantly strive to be do and have the best of the best. 

That is my philosophy with this blog. 

I am reminded of a book by Seth Godin called “the dip.” It’s a small book and an easy read about when to dip and when to stick. Sometimes in life when we are faced with challenge and opposition we must remain steadfast and persistent. But there are also times when we need to say, “screw it,” and bail. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 

Maybe you’ve been working the same job that you hate for the past ten years of your life. If you were to look at my life the grass would certainly be greener. As I write these words I’m on a three week vacation traveling around the northeastern United States visiting family and friends, camping, going to concerts and enjoying the hell out of myself. I have not even purchased my plane ticket back to Colorado yet because I’m not sure where I’ll be flying out of or even exactly when I’ll be returning. And I say this not to impress you but to show you that I have complete freedom in my life and if you have anything short of that then the grass really is greener on my side of the fence. 

Let’s look at another scenario. Maybe you’ve gone down the road less traveled like myself and decided to become an entrepreneur. You get started with a home based business and they tell you to just go out and talk to your family and friends. Just get 3 people and help them get three people and so on and eventually success will be yours. Sound familiar? A year later your making less than 10 bucks a week (like 97% of our industry) and you are part of the NFL club, (no friends left). 

Then you look at my friend David in Costa Rica. This dude easily sponsors 20 people consistently every week into his business without even trying. He recruits most of his reps through video presentations rather than speaking with them on the phone to fully leverage his time. His sales funnels do most of the “selling” for him so he can focus on attracting new reps, working with his top 1% leaders and building his team. 

Isn’t the grass greener for a reason? 

Isn’t it time you got off that hamster wheel and tried something new?

I believe I producer greater results than 99% of my industry for one reason and one reason only.

I work with the best. 

And I believe that you are better off working with me and my team than you possibly are anywhere else. Yes, the grass truly is greener when you learn the best from the best. 

I hope you have found this page with a thirst for knowledge and a burning desire for a better business and a better life. If so welcome to the right place at the right time. Giddy up!

Adam Chandler


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