Is the Empower Network A Pyramid Scheme? Are You Serious?

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You may be seeing all the online buzz about the new empower network created by veteran online marketers Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe.  You may be asking, “what the heck is it?” The fact is that many of the marketers who have already purchased the empower network have no idea what the product even is.

They just bought it for the following 3 reasons.

1.) Dave Wood has massive credibility with them because everyone (in our world) knows Dave Wood makes a shit load of money online. 

2.) 100% commissions is pretty freckin’ sexy if you’re used to affiliate marketing and network marketing. 

3.) They see everyone else buying it and they don’t want to ‘miss the boat.’

When I first saw the empower network and understood how it worked with the 100% commissions deposited directly into my bank account I thought, Is this for real?  I felt a strong desire to buy even though I didn’t know what the heck the product was!! Are you serious? I actually thought, is there a real product here? Is this a pyramid scheme? 

You do know what a pyramid scheme is right?

Is the Empower Network a Pyramid SchemeIts when money is changing hands but there’s no real product or service, nothing of real value being traded in exchange. That’s the definition of a pyramid scheme!

So when you hear everyone  talking about 100% commissions you have to ask yourself, “is this for real?”

Is the empower network a pyramid scheme?

Not really.. Let me explain…

There are 3 “products” and levels of entry with the all new empower network. Here’s how it works.

Product #1)           $25 a month

A viral blogging system where the blog is already designed for you. Imagine having your very own “authority” blog. You publish your content to it. Whatever you like to blog about. You don’t have to design it. You don’t have to SEO it. You don’t have to put banners on it. You just have to publish content to it.

Product #2)          $100 per month

The ‘Inner Circle’ marketing mastermind training system. This is some advanced marketing training on search engine marketing, paid advertising, copywriting, and everything else you require to become a bad ass online marketer. This is ongoing training with weekly training webinars from the best of the best.

Product #3)          $500 one time payment

The Costa Rican mastermind retreat. This is the recording of a recent online marketing intensive that Dave Wood recently hosted for a small group of marketers who paid up to $3,000 to attend.

Here’s the deal. You can only sell what you’ve already purchased. If you decide to buy the monthly blogging system and the monthly training system for a total of $125 per month but don’t buy the $500 Costa Rica mastermind product you cannot earn commissions if your team members buy it. The commission would pass up to your sponsor, or whoever is above you who purchased the top level package.

So, is the empower network a pyramid scheme? Absolutely not! There are real products here with real tangible value produced by David Wood and David Sharpe. You also get to have the marketing genius of these 2 powerhouses working for you every day.

If you’re reading this post prior to Monday, October 31st 2011 than the empower network has yet to even launch. So that means you have a very unique opportunity to capitalize on the initial launch of this game changing system visiting

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