Into The Known: How to Use Video Marketing To Reduce Buyers Resistance

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Eliminate Buyers ResistanceThere is one reason and one reason alone that your prospects don’t buy from you. Its called buyers resistance and it’s rampant among new and advanced marketers alike. This is a post on how to eliminate buyers resistance through video marketing. The reason a prospect hit the “buy” button on your website and then exits immediately after going to the order page is because of fear. Fear of what you ask? Its not fear of failure or fear of success although many marketers unknowingly have issues with both. Its a fear of the unknown.

So if a fear of the unknown creates buyers resistance how do you eliminate their fear and close more sales?


You do it by avoiding the unknown!!

What do I mean by this?

Sales videos convert extremely well when marketing online. Try creating 2 sales videos. In the first one go through the benefits of the product or service. On the second video discuss the benefits of the product or service and then explain what the prospect will see on the other side. Explain to them what will happen AFTER they have purchased. Show them how to navigate their back office. Show them that you have a step by step plan. And give very clear instructions on what the next step is. You can even tell the prospect that once they have reached a certain step in the process to give you a call. I guarantee the video that eliminates the fear of the unknown by showing the prospect what will happen on the other side will substantially outperform the other video.

Here is an example of reducing buyers resistance by eliminating the fear of the unknown

This strategy can be used online to make sales in just about any industry or with any company. As long has you have the option for someone to buy something through one of your websites or possibly an affiliate site. Video marketing WORKS and it has so many amazing uses. Reducing buyers resistance and making more sales by eliminating your prospects fears can be used by anyone to close more business.

This was a tip I picked up by an 8-figure marketer by the name of Mark Hoverson in a Course called the Irresistible Info- Marketing blueprint. If you are dead serious about closing more business online I highly recommend picking up the Irresistible info-marketing blueprint now!

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