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This post will answer the question, “can you really build a thriving network marketing organization online?” Internet network marketing

It’s important to remember that network marketing is a relationship business. That is a principle of the industry that has never changed and will never change. Regardless of the strategies used to build the business, online or offline, principles always stay the same. Many traditional network marketers do not believe that you can build a sustainable organization on the internet because they understand that its a relationship business and they don’t believe you can build relationships on the internet. And maybe that was true ten years ago, or back when the internet was basically just chat rooms and email.

Network Marketing Training

Internet network marketing and the internet in general has changed a great deal since then. And a great example of building relationships on the internet is online dating. I recently read that one single online dating site claimed to be responsible for 12-15 marriages or engagements per day.

Online dating is a perfect metaphor for internet network marketing. For example, most men would not ask a woman to marry him on their first date. You must first build trust and rapport and a solid relationship. However many unskilled network marketers go for the kill right away. They have no future vision and so their only concern is getting a sale right now. The prospect senses their needy-ness and they run for the hills.

You don’t want to be that guy do you?

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Social media has really changed the game dramatically and you can now use the internet as a tool to connect with people and build lasting relationships. It streamlines the process of communication with your organization and you can build community effectively through groups, fan pages, skype chats, tribes, etc.

Building Community In Your Organization Online – online network marketing

Opportunity meetings are a great way to build a strong sustainable network marketing organizations as long it is done consistently. When done effectively, this can create the “glue” that you require if you want to build a thriving empire in your local community. You can greatly improve retention in your organization by helping your new distributors make money fast. People want to believe they belong to something bigger than themselves. If you can create that sense of belonging and community in your local organization, you will build a thriving organization and you will attract great people.

But can you achieve the same effect on the interent?

The answer is absolutely, YES!

Much like holding live opportunity meetings and trainings locally you must get in front of your organization on a regular basis. Again you can achieve this by forming ning communities, holding weekly webinar trainings and ustream broadcasts, organizing skype chats for support and communication, creating tribes where you can help your members by syndicating their articles, videos and other online media.

This can also be great test for you as a leader. Only leaders create and build communities and only leaders make money in network marketing. If your reading this and your immediate thoughts are, I could never do that, then you probably need to work on your personal and professional development. Read this post on how to be a leader.

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