Internet Network Marketing Secrets – How Do They Do It?

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internet network marketing secretsLets begin by answering the question, what is the difference between “internet marketing and “network marketing?” Network marketing (also known as referral marketing) is a business model where the distributor gets paid on his or her own efforts by referring others to the product. Internet marketing is a process where someone gets another party to purchase something by means of getting them to a website or sales page.

Can the two overlap? 

Contrary to what some “old school” network marketers may have told you about how to build your business the answer is, ABSOLUTELY!

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Internet network marketing might mean sharing information or promoting a product on forums. It may be through email copy after someone “opts in” to your list. It could be commenting and interacting on social networking sites and blogs. The only difference here between Internet marketing and network marketing is that network marketers are also looking to build downline teams who will also promote that product. If you’re successful at promoting your product, others will see that, and they’re going to want to join your opportunity…  success breeds success.


Internet Network Marketing Secrets

If you are good at affiliate marketing, and you push your product via your website and through blogs and other social media sites, why would you want to become a network marketer?

Why would you limit yourself to only getting paid on your own efforts and not on the efforts of others? 

The answer is that in the long run you can make lots more money being in M.L.M. Especially when you realize that once you have a team or “downline” to work for you, they’ll be making profits for you, without much effort on your part.

Imagine having a successful downline team of perhaps about a thousand folks, who were all carrying your flag and spreading your companies message. Now you can see by you earning commissions from their sales, how much more successful you can become. With affiliate marketing you make a small percentage on each sale that you make, and then need to wait for the subsequent sale to come along – everything you do is by your own hand. With network marketing all those folks are earning money for you, even when your sleeping or on vacation… Isn’t that wonderful? 

For sake of debate, let’s say you average 20 hours per week on your  network marketing business, and over a period of time you induct another 20 folks who all work about twenty hours each week – if you do the math that implies there’s an extra 400 hours added to your working week!

Internet Network Marketing Income Opportunities

I know folks who earn a living thru both internet marketing and network marketing and in the longer term the seriously successful network marketers end up working less hours and making more cash.


Because the successful internet marketing experts always have to keep on top of the newest products to market and constantly have to build back-links to their websites and get original content onto their sites on a consistant basis.

Of course this can be done by outsourcing, but even then you’ve got to find the correct writers and the right folks to build backlinks for you. Some internet marketing consultants have masses of websites to control to make a good living , I don’t care how straightforward they say it is, its really not!

There’s a heavy rate of failure both in Internet and network marketing, the issue with many people is that they want results now without doing any work.

In either business model, one of the major things you have to understand is the easy way to promote effectively and how, in network marketing particularly, to generate a massive quantity of leads. If you are ready to get your business on the inside track, and stop dilly-dallying around, wouldn’t you like to understand the real Internet Network Marketing Secrets…

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