INSTRUCTION – Multiplying Sales Conversions (Part 3 of 3)

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Part 3 of this series on becoming more influential and increasing your conversions and profitability in your business is all about INSTRUCTION.


In part one we discussed ATTENTION, the vital first phase in the influence process… Click Here to Read Part 1


Part 2 was all about ENGAGEMENT, which will build rapport with your audience and keep their attention… Click Here to Read Part 2


Cubes - 379 - INFLUENCEAnd now we’ve reached part 3, which is all about INSTRUCTION, the vital 3rd phase of the influence and conversion process…


Many people struggle in marketing because they lack the confidence in their ability to tell others what to do. Or they think something like, “I don’t have the results yet, so who am I to tell people what to do?” << this belief can be the kiss of death for the online marketer.


Successful marketers get people to take action either by inspiring them into action or simply by suggesting the next step…   If you want to become a successful entrepreneur in home business your new mantra must become….


“The next step is (fill in the blank)”



What are some ways you can immediately apply this to your own business and marketing efforts today?


“The next step is to click the link below and watch this exciting video right now…”


“The next step is to go ahead and get you signed up… The process takes about 5 minutes are you in front of your computer right now?”


“Now that we have you signed up, the next step is to watch our 5 step fast start training. Should take about 2 hours…How soon will you be able to complete it?”   Getting strangers to take action with you online is called “direct response marketing…”


In order to get a RESPONSE, which is what we’re after, we must be DIRECT. We must provide clear INSTRUCTION on the ACTION we wish for the prospect to take. And if you’ve done a good job with the first 2 phases, attention and engagement, then this final step of the process will be easy, as long as you have the confidence to give clear instruction.


These 3 tips will help….



'Leadereship' highlighted in greenBecome the Leader That People Are Looking For


Life is one big game of follow the leader. People follow me just as I follow other leaders who have the results that I want. Good leaders are always good followers. Understand this. Leadership is one of the greatest skills you can ever posses. Good economy, bad economy… It doesn’t matter.. There will always be a demand for real leadership. If you have the guts to become a leader you can and will write your own ticket in life. Everyone is secretly looking for that one person that will take them by the hand and guide them to their version of the promised land. So man up, stop being such a wimp and become the leader that people are looking for.   If your issue is one of self confidence or confidence in your ability to lead people, then join the club.


I’ve personally struggled with self confidence throughout my adolescence and even into my adult life. One thing that has really helped me to break this cycle so that I could become the successful entrepreneur and confident leader that I am today is this simple affirmation.


“I am the leader that people are looking for”


I internalized this affirmation to the point that it became part of my being. I internalized the words by writing it repeatedly in my journal. I would say it out loud while looking at myself in the mirror, even while placing my hand on my heart or rubbing my ears. All the weird stuff that many broke people are too proud, or too cool to do. And you know what happened? Eventually I just started believing it. I accepted it as my new reality and it bled into all areas of my business. It worked for me. I’ve seen it work for others and I know it can work for you too.


If you have confidence issues that you’ve been holding onto since your childhood, could right now be the perfect time to let them go?


Now that you understand that these issues no longer serve you as an adult, and they certainly aren’t serving anyone else, isn’t it time to start working on new empowering beliefs that will benefit you and those you come into contact with?


If you really want to help people, isn’t it time you start becoming that leader that people are looking for?


Think Problem/Solution


problemsolversSuccessful marketing is all about solving problems for people. You have to become solution oriented in your own business because how can you expect to solve problems for others when you can’t even solve your own issues and challenges? Solve a painful problem that you are currently experiencing in your life or business. Lack of money. Lack of time freedom. Lack of leads. Solve this problem for yourself in the knowing that many others have the same problem. Then simply share how you did it.


We know that stories sell right?


Get clear on the pain that you experienced as a result of this problem and use your own story to relate to the prospect.  “If your anything like me you hated prospecting your friends and family members. Not only were they not interested in joining my business but some of them were cynical and even mean and judgmental about it. Then I discovered this system that told me showed me how to generate my own leads for my business…”


See how we are presenting the problem that they are experiencing in the form of a story? When you get good at this, your prospects will be thinking, wow this person actually found a solution to OUR problem.


Give crystal clear instruction. What is the next step?


keep-calm-there-is-always-a-solutionAs home business owners, we get to leverage professional marketing materials like sales pages, videos and funnels that were designed by very successful marketers. Which is a major leverage point. Its a huge advantage to be able to leverage the expertise of those who have been in the game a while and who have the track records and results to prove it. And the more people we get in front of those professionally designed funnels and pages, the more successful we will be.


Remember, it isn’t your job to sell anyone on the opportunity or the product. Let the 3rd party marketing materials do that. Its your job only to get the prospect to take the next step. I see marketers screw this up all the time. They tell the prospect to sign up when they should be simply getting them to watch the video or visit the page.


You also must get good at saying things like, Right Now and Today. Immediate action is vital. If you let people take forever to come to a decision then thats exactly what they’ll do. “Click the link below the video right now.” Do you have any other questions before we go ahead and get you signed up today?”


Did any lightbulbs go off in your head as a result of anything you’ve read here today?


If you took something of value from this post, or if you enjoyed this 3 part series on influence and conversions, please leave me a comment below and share these insights with your own audience via the share links above.






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