Todd Falcone’s Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals – Want To Sponsor More Serious Business Builders?

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Want to learn a unique way to recruit talent into your network marketing businesses? 

Of course you do! Who doesn’t?

Recruiting someone into your business who can hit the ground running and build an organization on their own is like a breath of fresh air. Imagine having leaders on your team who you called to see if they wanted some help and they said, “please don’t bother me in the afternoon, I’m busy prospecting ; ).”  

These people are self-starters. They’ve most likely had experience in real estate, corporate leadership positions,sales teams or any number of environments that are highly results oriented.

Wouldn’t these people make the best prospects too?

Think about it….

They know what its like to work and produce results in “commission only” environments where if you don’t produce, you don’t eat! Sound kinda harsh? That kind of environment produces winners who go on to excel in whatever they choose to do in business and life.

Many of them have been in leadership positions and already know how to lead, inspire and motivate people!

They’ve already been successful so they usually have large professional networks and AUTHORITY within those networks.

Imagine having team members who have so much authority within their circle of influence that all they have to say is, “I’m doing this thing and you should too,” in order to recruit 50% of their “high quality” warm market…

I also guarantee that because they are successful they must also be open minded and more receptive to opportunity…

…. And probably more optimistic and positive than your broke friend Jim who flips burgers and enjoys Budweiser and whip hits on the weekends ; )

but where do you find these people?

They are actually much easier to locate than you may think.

Back to that in just a minute….

Here’s where most miss the boat on prospecting and recruiting professionals into their network marketing organizations. They have absolutely no idea what to say to these people or how to prospect them. Click here for some free scripts to help you out!

Now imagine the flip side to this….

Spending all your valuable time trying to track down and recruit broke, closed minded people who have never been in any sales or entrepreneurial environment in their lives? Even when you do sponsor one of these people, about 90 days later you wish you could un-sponsor them because they require the most hand-holding and baby sitting.

I don’t know about you but I like having conversations with people who can actually cary on an intelligent conversation…. And  I don’t enjoy dealing with prospects who throw around terms like “pyramid scheme” when they have no idea what a pyramid scheme is…. BTW, these are the same people who will blindly get social security taxes taken out of their paychecks every week ; )

Meet Todd Falcone

Todd came up with a solid formula for prospecting and recruiting professionals into your network marketing organization. He actually came up with this idea after a frustrating day of talking to deadbeat prospects who were not worth his time. Todd had been in the network marketing industry for over a decade when he developed this strategy and was already extremely successful in the industry. He wondered how great it would be to spend his time dealing with professionals like himself who were already successful and maybe just looking for more freedom and/or better way.

Insider Secrets to recruiting professionals is a program created by Todd Falcone on doing just that…. Recruiting professionals with money into your network marketing business. Doesn’t that sound awesome? 

The course covers everything from A-Z when it comes to prospecting and recruiting talented professionals into your business.

Where to find their contact information online and geo-target them.

Exactly how to portray yourself as a busy professional, LIKE THEM, because those are the kinds of people they do business with.

And exactly what to say and how to answer their most common objections…

More Resources for Recruiting Professionals

If you would like to know how to locate, spot and recruit talented professionals into your business here are some awesome resources for you.

1.) Todd Falcone’s “Insider secrets to recruiting professionals.” Click here now to check out the full course.

2.) Check out my blog post from last week I wrote on, “3 tips for recruiting talent into your network markting business.”

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