Inside Scoop: From my private conversation with Ray Higdon this morning…

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Okay so this post is coming just a few days late.. My private conversation with Ray happened two days ago but the information is still incredibly relavent.. This is the email message I sent to my subscriber list on Monday, shortly after my private conversation with the creator of Pro Blog Academy, Ray Higdon.

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Ray Higdon No Excuses Summit Hope you had an awesome weekend!


I spent all weekend chilling in the Rocky mountains then white water rafting the Colorado river in Glenwood Canyon all day yesterday!!


It was an absolute blast!


And because I work with awesome people we maintained our spot in the top 10 positions in Ray’s Pro Blog Academy leaderboard!


Jordan made a video about how we reached the #8 position of this industry wide mega-launch and made a ton of money, that you can access right here..


Now on to my private conversation with PBA creator and 500K/year network marketer, Ray Higdon.


You are probably well aware that I’ve been one of the top producers on Ray Higdon’s team in Numis for some time now…


… In fact, shortly after his Pro Blog Academy launch ends, this Wednesday at midnight eastern, Ray, his wife Jess, Jordan, Perig, myself, Numis founders and several of Ray’s top producers on his Numis team will be flying to Cancun, Mexico to party-it-up at an all inclusive resort!


So this morning I was on my regular Monday morning coaching-call with Ray, where he shared some insider-info that I’m about to share with you ; )


Aren’t you glad you’re on my list?


First off Ray shared that he’s made over 700 total PBA sales so far, which has produced over $210,000 in the past 4 days alone!


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He also shared a tip about how I can increase production and duplication in my MLM organization, which I may or may not share tonight, when we have Ray live on our Monday

night online mastermind training call… Watch the recorded replay from Monday night right here.


You can register for that online-mastermind-event  here but you’d better hurry because we have limited seats and, as you can imagine, Ray is one of the most in-demand dudes in

the industry right now!


We are also giving away $300 in cashand a $197 bonus package LIVE on the call TONIGHT!


If you want to learn the secrets of this master blogger, marketer and entrepreneur make sure you register now, right here for tonights master marketer Monday night online mastermind where we will have the one and only man himself, Ray Higdon.


Talk soon,

Adam Chandler


P.S. How cool is that that within 12 hours of finishing a multi-6-figure product launch Ray will be sitting on a beach in Cancun, sipping Margaritas with his wife, friends and team members! That is what is possible when you play this game full-out and invest in yourself and your education.. Access  Ray’s blueprint HERE, Right now!


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