Inoculations – What to Expect Your Way To 6-Figures in MLM

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What’s is an inoculation?

It exposing a small dose of something in a controlled environment to minimize the severity of it as a way to induce immunity.

If you Inoculate your team members from the beginning and expose them to some of the “bad” and the “ugly” side of building their own organization they will respect you for it… If you do this you will be giving them a major advantage, they will stick around longer and have a much better chance at building a team which of course grows your residual check….

You are looking for a bigger commission check and more money coming in from your team residually, right?

Great… Keep reading!

Why wouldn’t you inoculate your team?

Many marketers don’t practice “inoculating” or vaccinating their new team members out of fear that they will quit if you shared some of the darker side of the business… Or they just want to be all unicorns and rainbows about it all and pretend that no challenges will ever come up and we will all live happily ever after… Gimme a break.

Using terms like the dark side, by the way, is a huge exaduration.. I mean common… Whats the worst thing that could really happen here?

You could get a few people to tell you NO?

You might get some slack from a friend who rags on you for being in one of those pyramid things?

The frustration that goes along with that is nothing, in my opinion, to the frustration that goes along with regret and living a life where you build someone else’s dream…. Or the frustration of having to ask your boss if you can your kids to the dentist or when you can go on vacation and for how long…

I was at an online marketing event a few months back and Mr. Tim Sales was on the stage. He shared how we was an underwater bomb defuser before he became a successful network marketer.

Tim pointed at that compared to defusing bombs, network marketing is easy… 

Why Inoculate Your Team?

When you Inoculate your new team members and share with them what they can expect on their way to 6-figures in this business they will see those challenges as meer stepping-stones on the path to success. Rather than seeing them as problems with themselves or with the process, or with the business model or with the company you represent.

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How to Inoculate your mlm team


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