Inescapable Exertion – Leadership Vs. Forced Labor

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Inescapable Exertion“The Hand Of the Industrious Will Rule But the Negligent Man Will Be Put to Forced Labor” Proverbs 12:24

The fact of the matter is that all of us have to work. Minus a few cases of trust funds or winning the lottery which happens to a very small percentage of the population. The rest of us have to work to create income in order to survive in western society. Its a fact so lets just all accept it. This concept of inescapable exertion was brought to my attention in this way from a Mark Hoverson entrepreneurial leadership course called Solomon CEO where Mark analyzed 24 proverbs from the bible since Solomon, the author of proverbs, was one of the wealthiest men in human history.

Your life is going to require exertion. So is mine. So is 99.9% of the population. Mark argues in this course that we have a choice. We can choose the path of leadership, which will require a great deal of exertion. It is going to be difficult. There will be road blocks. This is the road less traveled and since it is outside of the norm it will come with its own complex set of challenges. On the other hand we can choose to go with the herd. We can choose to be exerted upon in a place called a job.

Solomon describes this as forced labor. Now we are not talking about actual slavery here but if you have to ask permission to take your kids to the dentist or if you are told when you can go on vacation and for how long you can go, that is the modern day equivalent of forced labor.

There is no escape from exertion. There is no escape from work. There is no escape from effort. It is part of the inheritance of man kind. However, you can exert yourself in a way that you choose. You can exert yourself in a vehicle with leverage, in a way that pays you for a long period of time. You can exert yourself in a way that is fun and rewarding. You can create your own vision. But be careful because if you do not, you just may end up as a cog, being exerted upon in someone else’s vision.

Leadership – The path of the Entrepreneur

As previously mentioned this is the road less traveled. Because it is outside of the “norm” it will certainly come with its own set of complex challenges. It will require learning a completely different set of skills. It will require self discipline. It will require creativity. It will require patience.

Others, who have not chosen this path will even attack you for breaking away from the herd. This is more a reflection on their own insecurities for not having the courage to break away from the social norm than anything having to do with you. Just accept this as a necessary part of the journey and one of the complexities on the path to freedom and entrepreneurial leadership.

On the other hand lets take a look at some of the benefits of this path. Obviously you have the freedom to do what you want when you want. You don’t have to ask permission to do anything, which requires the self discipline that I mentioned earlier. Basically you get to create your own life. Your own vision of your perfect life. You get to live life on your terms and your time frame rather than someone else’s You get to give back in your own way. You can positively impact the lives of thousands or possibly millions of people. You can inspire others to break away from social norms that  hold them back. Your story can inspire hope in others. In doing so you can indirectly impact the lives of tens of millions or even billions of people.

Forced Labor – The path of everyone else

The challenges that come with this path or obvious if we just look around. 90% of people come home at the end of the day unfulfilled from their work. People are unhappy. They are stressed out. That stress leads to physical problems like sickness and disease, which creates more stress, which leads to more physical issues. Its a desperate and unfortunate cycle. One that many are unaware they can even escape from because to them its “just the way it is.”

For the majority of people who take this path there is a ceiling on the amount of money one can create. This causes the people on this path to shrink their lifestyle to fit their income level rather than work on expanding their means. In this world there is a lack mentality. There is never enough time. There is never enough money.  This also means a lack of options in life.

Lets look at the benefits of this path. One benefit of this path is security or a perceived security that is being taken away from the people on this path every day through downsizing, outsourcing overseas, and general cutbacks in our rapidly changing world. The other benefit is predictability. As we mentioned earlier this is the social norm. If you see everyone else around you struggling to get by it does not seem like struggle does it? It seems like just the way it is. There is comfort in not upsetting the herd, thinking outside the box or upsetting the social norms.

My Choice

If you’ve read this post or if you know me as a person you know I choose the path less traveled. The path with more “risk.” The path of entrepreneurial leadership. I choose to exert myself in my own way. In my own vision instead of being exerted upon in someone else’s vision. I choose the challenges of leadership over the challenges of mediocrity. And I hope my example will inspire others to do the same in the same way other leaders have inspired me.

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