Let me start this off with a simple statement – I seek to work with special people! The path to being a successful online marketer and entrepreneur is not for everyone!

As part of a regular discussion with one of the leaders in my business we were identifying the type of individual we most like to work with.  As an online marketer you may think that because you have access to over a billion people – your path to success is assured because the market is so large.   Yet the marketers who sustain success over the longest period of time have a very specific customer they do best with.  My ideal team member that I want to attract is in many ways like myself.

They value their freedom and are willing to take the necessary action to attain it.

They realize that they deserve a quality of life that will come only from acquiring new marketable skills that work in the 21st century.  They are open minded to new ideas and new ways of doing business.  This person is creative and are willing to “think outside the box.”

This person has come to the realization that true freedom will not come from any traditional means like a job or the old adage of “go to school, get a good job, move up the ladder and save for retirement.” They have had a taste for corporate America (or the corporate world) and they realize that it is NOT for them. This person truly wants to create a better future for themselves as well as those they come into contact with. They are service oriented and are willing to work towards a greater good. They realize that personal and professional development is a vital part of success of themselves and others. They believe or are open minded to the idea that to make the world better they must become better. If they want to truly “serve” on a large scale they need to change and grow both personally and professionally. My ideal team member is between the age of 21 and 41. They are either single or with a young family and they are family oriented. A major part of their “drive” or their “why” is focused on creating a better life for their families. Either to create a better life for their children or to help their parents retire more comfortably. This person realizes they deserve more out of life than what would be considered “average.” This person is not average. They are in the process of becoming above average through personal development or are open to becoming more through the process of personal development. They are connectors, people magnets with the ability to attract and lead others.

My ideal team member is hungry. They realize now is the time to create and act and they do not have to wait for circumstances to be perfect before they take action. They are willing to do what is necessary to attain their goals for a better future. They do not operate from fear and doubt but from a position of “where there’s a will there’s a way.” They may even be a little stubborn. They are confident in themselves and their ability to get the job done. They are good at attracting and empowering others to assist them with their own goals and not afraid to ask for assistance from others. They do not have huge egos. They are humble yet also confident in themselves.

They have passion in life for activities they enjoy doing as well as for people. They are adventurous and they are not afraid to take risks. Their passions may include, skiing, snowboarding, golfing, rock climbing, skydiving, hiking, or mountain biking. Activities that require a commitment and that get more fun the more they are practiced and pursued. They realize that they may have to sacrifice today so they can live a better tomorrow. They are comfortable with getting uncomfortable and have a “no pain no gain” attitude. They realize that success in anything requires a real commitment and that anything worth doing will not come easily. They are not afraid to get a few bumps and bruises along the way and are not easily derailed when the going gets tough because they are committed to getting more out of life.

They know they have a very successful person inside them. This person just needs the right catalyst to appear and to inspire and lead. They have untapped potential greatness and creativity within them. Again they just need the right mentor and catalyst to show them how to unlock it.

If this describes you – if you see yourself anywhere here – I invite you to take a couple minutes  and answer the questions in the application below. You will be notified within 48 hours if your application was accepted or denied by either Adam or his assistant Melissa.



  • John Ireland

    Reply Reply January 18, 2015

    Hi Adam,

    My name is John Ireland and I teach a entrepreneur class for high school students. The idea is to teach entreleadership for our county in the state of Illinois. We never meet in a classroom but meet in businesses throughout our community.
    I would invite you to visit our website, crawfordcountyceo.com, to learn more about our program.
    What brings me to you was research I was doing on direct selling and marketing. I am very impressed with your thoughts and ideas related to the topic. Within our program our students create a class business which creates revenue that students will use to create a individual fully functional business.
    I would like to invite you to speak with our students about direct selling and marketing. It would be a great opportunity for you to help students who are trying to learn the skills necessary to become the next generation of entrepreneurs.
    We have had a number of video conference with different professionals that we cannot bring into our community that have helped our students growth.

    Please consider this opportunity and I appreciate you taking time to read my letter.


    John Ireland
    CEO Facilitator, Crawford County

  • Denis Sloper

    Reply Reply March 12, 2015

    i live in the UK.

    when is it available here????



  • Albert Schaefer

    Reply Reply August 16, 2015

    Good day.

    I would like to be candid in saying that I have spoken with another MLSP rep. I do not want to be two faced. This gentleman had no level of excitment, could not answer one question, not even one, he knew nothing. I dont even think this gentlemen has recieved any income. I have been watching Adams blogg and youtube content.

    Inspiring and well said. Because I would like to leverage my excisting business and resources to a MLSP business, I am hoping this is ok?

    • Adam Chandler

      Reply Reply August 20, 2015

      Hi Albert. Feel free to reach out to me with specific questions. I’m happy to help!

  • Sasa Kosec

    Reply Reply December 15, 2015

    Hi Adam,

    I recently purchased your List Leverage 2.0. Thank you for making it available, it is awesome material. I have no experience in marketing online and I am learning a lot.

    I wanted to get connected even more and sent a request for joining the Private FB group. It is still pending, I think it has been about a week now. Could you help with that?

    Best regards,
    Sasha Kosec

  • Ray and Paige Hornback

    Reply Reply December 21, 2015

    Hi Adam,

    I found you on the MLSP website as I was searching around. We recently bought a package from Ray Higdon to start using the blog services of MLSP. I saw that you were from Fort Collins (or Denver?). We also live in Fort Collins (Windsor to be more specific), and I liked the fact that you were local. We have NO idea what to do with MLSP, I don’t know if it is for us or not, LOL. We would love to talk with someone who can answer your questions. We have not signed up to use the monthly service yet. Both my husband and I need to start leveraging the internet for our business. If you have time to answer our questions about MLSP we would appreciate it, and let me know what other services you may provide and what your coaching fees are.

    Kindest Regards,
    Ray and Paige Hornback

  • Diana Mercer

    Reply Reply April 12, 2016

    Hi Adam,

    I submitted an application to work with you a few days ago. I am interested in building my MLM business (Beautycounter) and need a much stronger digital marketing strategy. I wonder if we could set up a quick call? I am also in Colorado (Boulder) and would love to see if you might be willing to provide a one-time strategy consult in person? I’m happy to come to Denver to meet with you.

    Thanks for letting me know.


    Diana Mercer

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