How to Reprogram Yourself for Wealth and Success

how to reprogram your brain for wealth and successThe very first affirmation I learned from a multi millionaire entrepreneur was very simple.

“I have complete freedom in my life”

He even went as far as to say there is not a single massively successful, self made business owner in the world who had not repeated a phrase very similar to this over and over, until it finally became reality.

So what did I do with this new found information? Did I shrug it off as unicorns and rainbows, hocus pocus or just plain BS?

Of course not. I embraced it started reaping it both in my head and out loud? Why? Because someone who had the results I wanted told me to. Thats was reason enough for me.

That was just over 3 years ago and today I can honestly say that I have complete freedom in my life! I travel regularly. I make my own hours and schedule. I answer to no one. I don’t have to ask permission from my boss to take vacations or to take time off to take care of personal matters that spring up in my life.

But thats enough about me. Lets talk about what you want in your life and business and how to formulate affirmations to reprogram YOUR brain for wealth and success. I’m going to give you some examples based on challenges you may be facing in your business to hard wire the exact opposite in your mind. But first lets talk about why this works. The results you produce and the circumstances in your life are a result of your belief.

Let me explain

Your results and your circumstances are a direct result of your actions. I’m sure you can accept this as fact and if not please suspend your disbelief for at least a few moments. Your actions are a direct results of your thoughts. Your thoughts are a direct result of your belief. So if you want to change your results and circumstances, you must change your belief. 

Here’s how you do it.

Lets say for example, you have challenges talking on the phone with prospective customers and closing sales. This may come from a blief that you do not hold enough value in the marketplace for anyone to want to join you in your business.

The challenge is: I do not hold enough value for anyone to want to work with me. Or, if XYZ guru is out there marketing and promoting the same business, why would anyone want to sing up with a newbie like me?

The Affirmation becomes:

“People love connecting with me. People love doing business with me. People love collaborating with because of the value I posses.”

The other day I had a prospect tell me that “in this economy no one is speding money” Does that sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me? Now this is a person who had tried and failed in another business opportunity. He was looking for other business opportunities because he believed that it was the business, not himself that needed to change. The way he made this statement told me that this was a deeply engrained belief that no one was spending money in this economy. He could join the best business opportunity in the world, (which is mine, lol), but he would not become successful in it, until he changed that belief pattern.

A way he could combat this belief issue is to create an affirmation like:

Billions of dollars change hands every single day and I am on the verge of creating massive wealth in my life

I really like the statement “I am on the verge of,” when creating affirmations.Many network marketers make detrimental statements out loud and in written communications like emails affirming what they don’t have. They will say things like, my leads suck. And “no one is signing up with me” or this just isn’t working for me. If you are making statements like this STOP immediately! It is the very reason you are experiencing lack.

Even if this is the reality of the situation, instead of just confessing the truth about the situation, rephrase the statement to something like, “Although I have not signed anyone up YET, I am on the verge of creating a massive team finding an unlimited lead source of high quality people who want what I have to offer.”

Do you see how this is a much more empowering statement and one that assumes responsibility on your part?

Change the words you use my friend and you will change your world. I absolutely guarantee it because I am living proof. It worked for me. It is continuing to work for me every day. It has worked and is continuing to work from my 7 figure mentors and just about any self-made successful person you know or have ever come into contact with.

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