How To Make More Sales By Creating Trust in An Understandably Un-Trusting World

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I’m going to have to start this post off with a confession…


I actually stole the title of this post from a book I own by Dan Kennedy, one of the greatest direct response marketers in the world.


The book is called, “No B.S. Trust Based Marketing The Ultimate Guide To Creating Trust in An Understandably Un-Trusting World”


And this post is going to be about ways to create trust online, because, especially in the “make money from home” world, people are of course, very skeptical. And rightly so. Many of them have bought into hypey promises of get rich quick that ended up being nothing more than smoke and mirrors.


Or they were told that all you had to do was get 3 people, who got 3 people who got 3 people and then they could just sit back on a beach somewhere while the residual checks rolled in month after month.


I’m sure deep down they knew that that was total B.S. but the idea was so ridiculously attractive that they had a burning desire to believe that it could happen for them.


Maybe they even sponsored 3 people, but those 3 people either quit after the second month or they never even attempted to recruit another person. And then the harsh realities of building a network marketing business set in for them, which led to them becoming even more skeptical.


In any sales or marketing situation, the prospect has an invisible brick wall up at all times.


Its your job as a marketer to chip away at that wall by building trust and rapport with them.


And once the wall is destroyed, the sale will be made. Every. Single. Time. And the better you get at destroying this wall, the easier it will be to get complete strangers to do business with you, and that is when this business becomes very profitable and very fun!


Destroying the Invisible brick wall standing between you and the sale


I remember the day that I called one of the leads that I generated through this trust building attraction marketing system. As soon as I said, “Hi this is Adam Chandler is Rhonda around?” Right at that moment Rhonda screamed and said, “oh my god I can’t believe i’m talking to you, I feel like I already know you.”


Now this was a much different experience that I had from when I was cold calling leads that I purchased. That conversation went more like this, “Hi this is Adam Chandler in Colorado is Scott around?” Then Scott would say something like, “This is Scott, who the hell are you and where did you get my number?” Uh, ummm, lol


Big different between the 2 situations right? The second situation is no fun at all.


See with Rhonda, she became a lead through a YouTube video I created. And she saw another video of me on the lead capture page. And then when she opted in on the capture page and became a lead, she saw another video of me on the “thank you page”. So by the time I called her she had already seen 3 of my videos. That is how you destroy the brick wall.


And anytime someone screams when you call them and says “Oh my god I can’t believe i’m talking to you,” that is what we call a “lay down sale.” I could have sold her whatever I wanted to at that point because there was so much trust and rapport established.


Makes sense right?


You destroy the brick wall by positioning yourself as an authority


You become an authority by creating and publishing content.


Content positions you as an authority. Content builds trust.


[Tweet ““Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis”]


This could be social media content. Facebook fan page posts, Twitter posts. Instagram posts. Think success quotes. Engaging questions relevant to your audience. The more engaged your audience is the easier it will be to get them to pay attention when you make a sales offer or attempt to get them inside your sales funnel.


Of course social media content is great but if you really want to play with the big boys and girls you have to be creating video and/or blog content. Your blog is your “authority hub.” Its a place to house and store your content. Its a place where a prospect can get to know you and your story and if you do it right, they will see you as the go to leader that they want to join and do business with.


On top of that, another fundamental difference between blog content and video or social media content is that a blog is an asset that you own. You don’t own your Facebook fan page or your YouTube channel. Those can be taken away from you at any time. I’ve seen it happen many times over the years.


As a business owner you have to start asking yourself this question, “what are my assets in business?” Your network marketing company is NOT an asset that you own. Someone else owns it and they control it. A blog is an asset that you own. An email list is an asset that you own.  What assets to you own in your business and how can you cultivate them?


Life is one big game of follow the leader


One thing I learned when I was getting started in the world of “attraction marketing” is that life is one big game of “follow the leader” and everyone is secretly looking for their wizard. That one person who is going to guide them to the promised land. The more you create engaging problem solving content online, the more people will see you as this person for them. And the more people see you as this person the easier and easier it will become to make sales online without even trying. They will come to you. And that, as I said before, is when this business becomes very profitable and very fun.


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