How to Leverage Product Launches to Cash-in Big Time

Marketing “during a launch” is about 10-15 times more profitable than marketing in general. There’s a huge “New” and “Wow” factor that explodes sales. Kind of like a new movie. This allows many to make more cash in one month than most make in six. You might want to read that again.

I’ve been involved with many successful launches over the last few years. Earlier this year a business partner and I launched a $497 product that brought in about 200 members in 8 days. We each made about $17,000.

Last week my primary company did an “Internal launch” that resulted in me personally making $9,674 in commissions in the last 2 weeks of September….

And starting today we are doing another launch, of our all new Maximum iNcome Machine and the public re-launch of the company.

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Well-timed, carefully crafted launches are a game changer for many.

 A LOT of leads are gotten. Fast.

Huge customer bases are built. Fast.

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