How to get featured by home based business magazines

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home based business magazines <<<<<< Don’t I look awesome in this picture!?

My name in PRINT! Things are going to start happening to me now!..” lol.

That is actually a line from a famous Steve Martin move called, “The Jerk.” Steve’s character “Mavin” was all excited about the new phone book because his name had never been in print before. In the next scene a sniper randomly opened up the phone book and blindly put his finger down on Mavins name as the next person he would randomly pick off.

But that was just a movie and those things don’t happen in real life, right?

This is my featured story in the July 2011 edition of home business connection magazine. The benefits of this are pretty limitless and it feels really good to get recognized as a “success story.”

In this video I discuss the magazine article enthusiastically and mention what it takes to get featured like this in home based business magazines

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