How To Get A 328% Increase In Your Sales Conversions

I Just came across this recent “sales conversion” study I think you’ll find interesting. I haven’t see numbers like this since Email was invented and put into use as a marketing tool in the mid 90′s. Staggering actually.

Read closely…

“Recent Study Finds Text Messaging In Selling Process Can Boost Sales by 328%”

Leads360, a market-leader in sales automation solutions, recently aggregated data from almost 3.5 million leads across 400 companies. They announced research findings that reveal incredible opportunities for sales organizations that implement an effective text messaging strategy, with conversion gains as high as 328%. The resulting study makes a clear case for how vital a SMS Text Messaging campaign can be in the sales process.

“Text messaging is an untapped opportunity for sales teams, with enormous potential when used strategically,” said Nick Hedges, president and CEO at Leads360.

That’s big. Very big. If you’re into this sort of thing… Ya know, making more sales and way more money and stuff like that.

Look the other way and keep using “Email Only” at your own risk.

We are quietly (and quickly) shifting from an InterNet world to a MobileNet world. Many are being left behind. Most are being misled by the so-called Internet Marketing gurus.

This confidential video shows you how to get in the Mobile game and profit handsomely from SMS Text Marketing in the years ahead while the amateurs are still chasing “Internet Marketing riches”…

Video Explains HERE

Viewer discretion advised. Video expiring soon. Hurry.


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  • Neil @ CoffeeMoney

    Reply Reply February 13, 2015

    Hey Adam,

    I’d love to know what kind of results you’re getting from text messaging – I take it you’re already using it?

    Living in Ireland (as I do) it’s not something I’ve really looked into as a marketing tool – even though the Irish have one of the highest usage rates for text messaging in the world (per population). It’s certainly a tool I could see being very beneficial..

    – Neil

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