How to Generate Leads and Sell Stuff Using Craigslist

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josh boxerOne of my favorite things about the my experiences in the direct selling network marketing industry over the past few years are the incredible relationships and friendships I’ve made. I first met Josh Boxer in a 90 day challenge that we did when we were both total greenies.

We’ve been friends ever since and even though we’ve attached our names to different businesses over the years and we’ve gone down (slightly) different paths we have been there to help each other through the tough times and praise each other through the good times!

I had the pleasure of having Josh on my Monday night training webinar this past week. He shared insights on how he generated 3227 leads using craigslist. And how you can generate leads and sell stuff using Craigslist too. Honestly this stuff absolutely blew me away. The numbers he shared were incredible. I didn’t even think it was possible to do put up numbers like this using craigslist but Josh figured it out for himself and for his team.

Watch the following recording of my Monday night training call as Josh lays out his “Non-Techie” Craigslist domination blueprint. 


If you are all set with learning SEO and going through the frustrations of  backlinking with artilce directories and all the craziness that some marketers put themselves through in the persut of traffic and leads I highly recommend that you buy Josh’s craigslist domination course. 

You can learn all about it by visiting

And if the subject of online traffic and leads excites you as a way to draw more interest for your business you will love my post about how to generate leads online.

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