How to Effectively Launch a Product/Business Online

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Let me start by saying that my business partner and I are very experienced at this process. We’ve done several launches, both for information products as well as business opportunity launches where the point was to recruit people into our network marketing businesses.

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Our most successful launch was in June of 2011. We launched our product, Tribal Syndication Domination, joint ventured with myleadsystempro and made over 400 sales in the first 10 days of the launch. This produced $50,000 in revenue for our TSD product and we each made over $10,000 in the first 10 days alone.

The purpose of this post is to share our “launch insights” with you, so you can more effectively launch your own products/biz opps and simply make more money in your own business..

You do want to make more money in your business don’t you?

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We mention in the video that in order to have an effective launch you must create a buzz. You do this through creating content, video’s and blog posts, press releases, articles. If you have an email list of prospects, (which you should), broadcast messages to your list 3 times a day. This may of course seem like overkill but it works. Not everyone will read your first email. Many will also miss your second email but by the third email their curiosity will more than likely get the better of them and they’ll watch your sales presentation or register for and attend your webinar. Fear of loss is a powerful thing and people don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to improve their life circumstances. 

But what if I don’t have an email list?

First off, you should have a list!

Being an internet marketer or an online network marketer and not having a list is a symptom of a larger problem. Most likely its because you don’t know what to do with your list, or how to monetize your list once you’ve created it. Not to worry though because I have a solution for that too. This system has allowed me to build a prospect list of close to 5,000 active subscribers and its taught me how to monetize it to attract new customers and distributors each and every month.

When you launch something it is ideal to have a list. However,  you can still do an effective launch without a list. Here’s how in 3 simple steps.

  1. Create an event on facebook and invite your friends. TIP (once you have guests confirmed for the event you can inbox message them multiple times. This is helpful to know especially if your launch consists of multiple webinars which it should).
  2. Create mad content! Video’s, blog posts, press releases, articles. Share this content to as many places as possible. Syndicate it through TribePro, your  facebook page, your facebook fan page, your facebook group, other peoples facebook group, email it to your list, tweet it to your twitter audience, share it on linked in, etc. You can never create enough buzz for a product or bizz opp launch. Again your prospects may not respond right away but the more times they see you or someone else talking about it the more likely they are to get curious and take action. 
  3. Use social networking and your own telephone to invite people to your launch webinar. I’m not going to get too detailed with this because this process is explained in detail in module 2 of our 21st century mlm domination course, which is launching this week ; ). It is a simple process of connecting with individuals one by one and personally inviting them to the event. Again this can be done through facebook chat, facebook messages or of course by picking up the telephone.

If your brand new to this process it can seem like a lot of work and it is usually very helpful to partner up with other team members. There is only so much BUZZ you can create on your own. As you become more and more skilled at the process, and this only happens through repetition and learning from your mistakes, you will find other marketers to collaborate with who have certain skills that you may not posses. The old saying that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself, does not apply here! This is a team effort and it will be much more fun and effective if you have team members to help you with the process.

Want the easy button for effectively launching a product/business online?

Here it is… The easy button..

I’m going to make this launch process super simple for you and your team to duplicate..

You want the secret of massive simplicity so you (and your team) can basically copy and paste and make sales and drive your residual check right?

PARTNER UP WITH SUCCESSFUL MARKETERS who already have this process down to a science.

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