How to Create Urgency In Your Marketing To Obliterate Time Objections and Get Them To Sign Up Right NOW

How to create urgency in your marketing

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Here’s the deal…

This is a MAJOR issues that 100% of home business owners and marketers have to deal with….

Your prospects know that they can join you in your business or marketing system tomorrow just as easily as they can today.

So as smart, profit conscious entrepreneurs we have to ENGINEER URGENCY into our sales process to get them to take action now. We have to create a situation where they see the immediate benefit in joining today rather than tomorrow or next week or some unspoken time in the future, which is usually just their way of saying no and bowing you off!

Here’s the reality… Most people won’t take any action unless they feel like they are going to miss out on something…

Its called FOMO… Fear Of Missing Out!

One of the ways myself and other leaders create this in our marketing is by hosting live webinars. The fact that it’s an online event that happens at a specific time creates a sense of urgency in itself.


And then we send out the replay with a countdown timer where the replay expires in 48 or 72 hours… So they have a brief window to watch the training replay, or they will miss out!


FOMO can also be created with fast action bonuses where they get valuable and relevant resources or some additional training if they join or buy by midnight tonight. Or “for the first 5 people to take action”


When I launched my List Leverage 2.0 course last summer I gave one bonus for the first 30 people who took action and then another much more exclusive and valuable bonus for the first 10 people to take action. This created a “buyers rush” on every webinar we hosted during the launch which is a beautiful, profitable and very fun situation to be in as a marketer.

That was a suggestion by the way, from my coach, who I hired for just under $10,000 to mentor me through the launch of that product. An investment in my business that has paid off many times over in the past year alone.

12321411_1147858675225338_8753757633537855678_nMy good friend and business partner Justice Eagan and I have been leading coaching programs for home business owners for the past several years now.

A live coaching program creates a sense of urgency in itself because it has a definite start date and time, where a decision must be made to either join or not. Because of this we can and most certainly do, “turn up the heat” in our marketing during the final days and the final hours of the launch, which of course is when most people make the decision to come onboard. Why? Because they hate the idea of missing out!

In our most recent program the Biz Builder Challenge we attached the 6-week coaching and accountability program to our online marketing and lead generation system. And since the coaching program has a clearly defined start date, it creates some serious FOMO for our prospects.

I know what your probably thinking.. Good for you and Justice… But how does this help me?

I’m really glad you asked!

Unless you are a seasoned veteran marketer like Justice and I are, you probably don’t have any fast action bonuses and your probably not leading your own webinars where you can offer crazy valuable trainings to attract serious prospects.

You also most likely don’t have the infrastructure in place in your business, like we do, to create countdown timers and webinar replay pages and emails designed to highlight the urgency that gets them to take immediate action….

So how do you create urgency and FOMO in your own marketing?

Here’s the solution….

You leverage OUR infrastructure

You leverage OUR pages

You leverage OUR professional marketing and copywriting skills

You leverage OUR Biz Builder Challenge coaching and accountability program to create a sense of urgency for YOUR prospects to join YOUR team!

Let me explain…

We are currently re-launching the Biz Building Challenge that we hosted at the very beginning of this year

The 6-week coaching and accountability program starts on Thursday March 31st

So the first step is to click here now and get yourself registered for the Biz Builder Challenge, if you are not already a challenge member.

Once you get registered and become a “challenger” you can then automatically leverage our professional sales funnels, webinars and websites to get people to buy from YOU! If you are at all serious about building a business online and you follow our simple training you can have the marketing system paying for itself, before you even have to pay for your fist months membership

Pretty cool right?

Does this FOMO stuff really work?

Check this out… One of our Biz Builder Challenge coaching students, Antonio Thompson was awarded March “Member Of The Month” in the online marketing system that we attached to our coaching program.


So not only did Antonio get to participate in our game changing coaching and accountability program that provides some much needed structure and an easy to follow marketing and business building game plan to home business owners, but he also leveraged the URGENCY of the challenge to grow his team and his business… I think he recruited 8 people into the marketing system in a 2 week period leading up to the launch.

So he leveraged our infrastructure and our coaching program to create urgency for his prospects to join him in business…

There’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t do the same…

Okay lets wrap this up…

Here’s what you need to do right now…

Register for our next Webinar on Monday March 28th at 9pm eastern to learn the 5 proven steps to building your network marketing business online

Or you can just check out the biz builder challenge page and get registered

Once you do that, you can access a members area and grab your affiliate links to start promoting the challenge to grow your business and make some affiliate cash…

If you follow what we lay out for you, you can do this so that there is literally zero out of pocket costs for you…

If you have any questions or if you are excited about what Justice and I are doing to help home business owners make more money and create more leverage in YOUR businesses, please leave a comment below and share this post with your friends!

Thanks for reading

Until next time….

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